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THE BEAST WARS® Transformers™ PlayStation™ Game Console and CD-ROM game
With the Beast Wars® Game, it's your turn to destroy the rival Transformer faction and dominate the galaxy.

Our most requested demo is now available. Download the playable PC demo now. To play you will need to download the demo and have DirectX® 5 installed. Note that this demo is for Windows 95.
Click here (7.6MB)

The demo requires DirectX 5, available for download on our Patches Page. Unfortunately, the demo is not compatible with DirectX 6 and installing DirectX 5 over DirectX 6 will have no effect. We apologize for any inconvenience.

A patch for the European version of Beast Wars PC CD-ROM is now available. Click here

Click here for your very own BEAST WARS® TRANSFORMATIC!™ Use it to convert characters, get game secrets, and view all the cool stuff in the site.

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Click here for all the hottest movies, sounds, screen shots and more, from the spectacular new Beast Wars® Transformers™ game! Go there now – or do we need to get Megatron to have a word with you?

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