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Bryan, Texas

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Bryan High School DOOM is an entire level in PWAD format for the game DOOM v1.666 or higher. A version is now available for DOOM II as well. To kick some serious hiney in the halls of Bryan High, just click on the DOWNLOAD BHS DOOM! link for DOOM or DOWNLOAD BHS DOOM II! for DOOM II below and presto!


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Do you need help getting through BHS or do you want to know all of the secrets???
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Oh and by the way, the DEMO contained in the SECRETS file only works for DOOM at the moment, but it includes a handy text file for help! Perhaps a DOOM II DEMO is on the way. Or if you have some initiative, you can probably find a conversion utility for .LMP files.

What's that? You don't know what Bryan High School DOOM is or what it represents in the hallmarks of this fine institution known commonly as the USA?? Well here's some info to satisfy your desire to expand your mind!! And keep your hands inside the vehicle at all times.

OK----> wood, tom ------> castaneda, anthony ---------> are the mics resposible for this stupid, time wasting game. all accountable are now failing their respective classes due to this glorious game. doom has seized the young, humming, genius brains of these two loving and caring individuals. please send them donations for
1. their get well fund.

2. making DOOM come to bryan high school and having some demon children kick some viking butt in the halls. you're welcome.

3. being unbelievably cute and spelling-oriented.

4. being in bryan high drumline.

5. not being daunted by unfriendly BBS's and virus friendly cd-rom disks.

----------------THE STORY ---------------------------------------------------


bryan high has been the target of a really cool plan by the freakin' devil. this is the best news that the student body has heard in quite a while (much better than the freakin' d-hall policy.) anyway, the devil popped right up in mr ellis's office and mutated our beloved principal into a _______(you'll find out!). The demon now lives in the courtyard. as a viking butt-hole, you decide to get a group together to take back bryan high so you can destroy it yourself. but things don't turn out that good for you. it would make for a short game :). you all drive up to the aquatic center parking lot and you get elected to hold the beer. OOPS, i meant milk, mr.ellis. well, anyway, your friends go into the stadium and you see their poor body parts being tossed into night air by the demon football players who aren't really that much smarter than the real thing. you decide it is up to you to kick some major demon-hiney, so you drop the beer..(milk).. and go to fight what ever is in the stadium, the beloved viking ship, and perhaps, the rest of the hallowed halls of bryan high school, shining brightly beside the brazos, growing cucumbers and bluebonnets. may your stupid friends rest in pieces- hopefully you will join them. good luck, you mic.


your tasty romp through the campus of bryan high includes:

Graphics are much better! :)

New Episode

BHS is tasty

New Skill Levels

GIF's like you to look at them

1. the stadium.
an easy layout with a lot of football player monsters and spectator monsters. a surprise in the field house for JUNIORS and up.

BHS is a little silly (a little?!?)

2. the gym.
the viking gym is locked up and needs a yellow key to be opened. you are in the hall with the stairs at your sides, but you are confined to the bottom floor by a gate at the top of the stairs. the hall around the gym is a maze with secrets.....DUM DUM DAAAAAUUUUMM!!

ANTONIO eats dog treats:)

3. the second floor.
you are in bryan high...the real McCoy! the halls are filled with demons and some areas have been sealed by the grand security guard, lester. some rooms have specific meaning, but if you don't go to bryan high, you probably do not give a big dookie. you need the yellow key for the exit...go to coach eike's room (secret,maybe?)

This WAD was released Spring Break '95

4. the first floor.
still in bryan high, go to mrs.prejean for the blue key then goto mrs.lampo's room for the red key- that opens the door to the commons.

ver 1.MIC is the only version!

5. the commons.
this is a freakin' freakin' hard level. no need to kill the cyber demon to beat the level, but real men will take him out (without codes, mic!). the red key is in the orchestra room, blue key is in the band hall.

Alts to pictures are COOL!

6. the very scary boiler room.
the very scary boiler room....hmmmm. it's cool. we didn't have to follow a floor plan because no one knows what the boiler room looks like anyway. a little self-plugging in one room. look on anthony's name for the secret level switch.

Gig 'em Army

7. the vocational hall.
well, only kickers and stupid people (hey I had a class there!!) have classes in the ag hall, and they usually aren't much for doom ("hey man, is that pentigra-um?") so this is really easy.

This is worthless

And it's not funny

8. the office.
the final chapter! you need to go to all the other principal's rooms for weapons and the red skull key, then go to the princiPAL's office and teleport to the courtyard. Our dear mr.ellis has been mutated into a spider demon and, well let's just say he's a little trigger happy.

Ha Ha, I'm not through yet!

9. el mic. (secret)
not really. this is a level called ea-poe, probably because it is supposed to be the pit and the pendelum... oh, well... it is still pretty cool, though.

the bryan high doom ver 0.99b was released to anthony and some slimy bbs on some day in january and was supplimented ever so often buy t.wood. VER 1.MIC upgrades everything in the world and makes it just peachy.
the total conversion bryan high doom package ver 1.MIC includes new sounds, title screens, stuff, and monty python movies.(or something). maybe new weapons and monsters later, if you are lucky.

thank you.

PROGRAMERS-not really, just cool guys who made the stupid game you know, love, and would die for...ANYWAY

TOM WOOD located software, figured out editor quirks, entered info, killed viruses, programmed the levels, listened to nirvana, called BBS's, downloaded cool stuff(YES!), rock and rolled in second period, doomed greg over the phone, became the non-gloating,crafty,cover-your-tracks hacker, got lots of extra WADs, tried to teach jeremy how not to think he knows it all,and did all the nerdy hacker stuff.

ANTHONY CASTANEDA irritated tom with stupid questions, made annoying "hard disk format" and "fake prompt" batch files, erased his own software,drew pictures of levels, came up with ideas, listened to primus, hoped for an upgrade, designed title logo and portions of levels, did the sounds and help screen, did hours of mind-numbing labor graphing out pictures of stupid walls, did all the wanna-be hacker nerdy stuff, and composed this informationally adept text file for those who learned to read (Imagine that!).

OTHER FOLKS: craig showed us how NOT to do things in computerland, john herzog was just a wacky guy because the mic carries around $900 in his pocket!, greg was quite the doomer, brian swick wrote ti-82 games (but he's a mic for being a competative butthead-"consol doom!"), mrs.pennebaker was mean and unfair (PLEASE, PLEASE LET US PLAY DOOM!!! :), mrs.prejean was pregnant, john elliot was a mic, c.w. was a nerd, gene moore was a pelican, mesias was a mic, taco bell RULED!! SO DID the pelicans

REAL other folks: the makers of: BUTTHEAD.WAD, DISNEYDM.WAD, EA_POE.WAD Thanks guys!

---------like, distribute this to everyone without modifications, or something--------

COPYRIGHT 1995 @ mic games
(not really, don't fret)
..but please don't mess this game up...

e-mail mic games at:

THANK YOU FOR PLAYING AND destroying BRYAN HIGH..................


For those who want just the facts, here they are :)

Title : Bryan High School DOOM
Filename : BHS_DOOM.WAD
Authors : Tom Wood & Anthony Casteneda
Description : See the upper half of this file.
Additional Credits to : See the upper half of this file.

* Play Information *

Episode and Level # : E3M1 - E3M9 (all of episode 3)
Single Player : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player : Yes
Deathmatch 2-4 Player : Yes
Difficulty Settings : Yes
New Sounds : Yes
New Graphics : Yes
New Music : No
Demos Replaced : None

* Construction *

Base : All new levels from scratch [Bryan High School] The level names are stated above.

Editors used : DCK v1.1a for construction, DEU 5.21 to compile everything, DMGRAPH for new graphics, DMAUD for new sounds

Known Bugs : Stadium and inside of Gym may be slow on some computers because of the # of monsters and the huge area the graphics engine must draw and keep track of; Some items in the 2nd floor disappear momentarily because of so much activity < overload :-( sorry>

* Copyright / Permissions *

This picture is SOOOO COOL!

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