Investigations at Kenchreai

Located on the northeastern coast of the Greek Peloponnese, Kenchreai was in antiquity, the eastern port of Corinth. Together with Lechion, the western port, Kenchreai served as a bustling harbor for transporting goods from west to east. Prosperous until the mid 6th century AD, Kenchreai fell into a state of disrepair with intermittant usage up until the early 19th century, when Kenchreai was used in the Greek battles for independence.

The site was actively excavated from 1962-1968 in a joint team effort between the University of Chicago and Indiana University under the auspices of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens. The state of the site has gone much unchanged since the days of its excavation. The finds from the excavations are now housed in the archaeological museum at Isthmia. A portion of the site is now a public beach, and is facing the ramifications of its new duty; harboring tourists and sunbathers rather than ancient ships and boats.

This web site contains information on the history and present state of Kenchreai. Several reports and mapping projects are featured as well as a collection of images of the site, the environs and finds from the excavations. A current bibliography is also available, listing all publications of the site.

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