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Friday, October 2
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  You call that a beeper?
You call that a beeper?
Communicator takes aim at Win98
Communicator takes aim at Win98

Dell at $1999!
Dell at $1999!
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CNET says:
The industry insider. Skinny DuBaud tracks the course of the bold and the gullible. Witness a moment of astonishing oversight when a shareware site posts a download that lets you use shareware forever without paying. And those bogus emails about Ken Starr's interview on 60 Minutes? If you believed that, then you're in good company. Haven't seen it? Then get to the Rumor Mill.
Good-bye, printing press?
The newest electronic books are ready--and soon to be legible at bookstores and supermarket kiosks near you.

Our tips help you get out from under
Paper, faxes, the Web, email...we all deal with much too much information every day. Our tips and tools can help you say no to info overload.

Modems hit the 56k speedway
Thanks to the new V.90 standard, modems are faster than ever. CNET tests 16 of the best.

Web tools for rookies and pros
Wysiwyg Web editors make it easy to build great sites.

Sound in the third dimension
Check out CNET's 3D sound card roundup.

High-tech TV
What's all this about HDTV? What's it mean? What does it do? How do you get it? We answer all your questions.
   Stash your cash
CNET puts the Quicken 99 and Money 99 packages head-to-head. Which one will manage your money better?
  Top tech news
Complete Business sees strong quarter
The week's news: Lucent snaps up Ascend plans to go public
Wireless giants ink $56 billion deal
McNealy jousts with government
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