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Coron's Sources of Fonts (1)

Truetype fonts for MS Windows unless otherwise stated

Fantasy, Ancient, and Symbolic Fonts

Click here for more fonts and font links (without images)
Tengwar Tolkien's Tengwar (Michael S. Elliott)

Tengwar Quenya,
Tengwar Sindarin,
Tengwar Noldor; Windows TT and ATM, including docs and utilities (Dan Smith)
Angerthas Tolkien Runes, Windows and ATM (Bruce Kvam)
Cirth Angerthas Moria (Morten Bek)
Moon Runes Anglosaxon Runes from the cover of "The Hobbit" (Morten Bek)
Tolkien Dwarf Runes
Espruar - Elvish, Forgotten Realms
Dethek - Dwarven (Joseph DuBois)
Britannian Runes Anglosaxon runes from the Ultima CRPG (Norwick)
Ultima Normal Ultima (Anglosaxon) Runes and Gargoyles' Letters (cf. The Language of the Gargoyles)
RuneQuest Font (Oliver Jovanovic)
Cthulhu Runes Omega Font Labs
Runes of the Dragon
two fonts
Omega Font Labs

Symbols (Ralf D. Renz)
More DSA-Fonts

Nanduria -- a version of the Theban alphabet
Zhayad -- similar to the Alphabet of the Magi
Alchimistic Symbols
Astrological Symbols (DirkOz)

Runes AngloSaxon,
Dwarf (Tolkien),
and Germanic
Windows and ATM (Dan Smith)
Germanic Runes
Elder Futhark Germanic Runes (Curtis Clark)
Elder Futhark
Gaya Z
Futhark Swedish/Norwegian Runes (Morten Bek)
Gullskoen Nordic Runes, for Mac and Windows

Beth-Luis-Nion Celtic Ogham
(more about Ogham)
Linear B Mycenaean syllabary (Curtis Clark)
Meroitic Meroitic Hieroglyphic
Nahkt Hieroglyphs
Demotic Meroitic Demotic
Eshmoon Phoenician (Salim G. Khalaf) -- Mac or Windows
Avesta Avestan alphabet, Persian 5th/6th c. (Jan Pieter Kunst) -- Windows TTF and Type 1, including a transliteration font
Persian Cuneiform
Ugaritic Cuneiform

Moon Phases a font to write out the Moon Phases (Curtis Clark)
Astro Astrological symbols
Astrological Astrological/magical symbols (Peter Rempel)
Agathodaimon Alchymistic symbols
Alchemy (Kenneth Hirst)
Woolbats a Wiccan/Pagan font (Curtis Clark)
Enochian a script given in the "Equinox"
(ed. Aleister Crowley) - TTF and AFM
Angelic one of the Hebrew-derived magical alphabets that were popular among occultists of the medieval and Renaissance period; also called "Celestial" or "Astral"
Theban aka "The Witches Alphabet"; another mediæval magical alphabet
ThebGL another version of the Theban alphabet
Alphabet of the Magi
Alphabet of Daggers
Masonic Masonic/Rosicrucian
Voynich Eva Hand A - a script from the Voynich Manuscript
Hermetic astrological and other occult symbols
Crosses a huge collection of crosses
I Ching

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