New Rules for Astromachia

I suppose you could call me a fan, but in my mind, fans were always these mindless zombies that drooled over whatever crumbs were tossed their way. I certainly am not that kind of fan.

I do enjoy the game of Astromachia, and wrote these as "Mental Exercise" as much as to expand the horizon of the game. I come from a background in Role-playing, where Peter Drake seems to be more of a "Board Gamer". I always felt somewhat confined by board gaming, and have always sought ways to make them more open-ended and more realisitc. I must admit that these may add a layer of complication, but some of you may enjoy them as much as I enjoyed writing them. You may adopt all or part - after all, it's YOUR game!

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Section I : Size Mods, Stealth, ECM and ECCM

Part A - Size Mods:The idea here is to reflect the fact that it is easier to hit a large target than a small one.

Part B - Stealth: The idea is to add the dimension of "Stealth Technology" to the Game, adding a touch of Realism.

Part C - ECM: ECM is basically the generation of "electronic noise" to lessen the chance of a hit.

Part D - ECCM: ECCM is an electronic means of "cutting through" the static that ECM generates.

Section II : Missile Design and Use:

I am not really happy with the "one shots" used as missiles in Astromachia. I adapted these rules from some I wrote for a game I designed, they were simplified to make them fit in better with Astromachia.

A. Design

Section III: Fighters:

The fighters in Astromachia are basically small ships, and they are operationally used in much the same way.

Gee's Pulled	Passout Target

     8		      5

     9                6

     10               7

     11               8

     12               9


Section IV: Carriers:

Carriers are the ships that carry Fighters into battle, supply their weaponry, and repair them. They project force in an effective manner, without the need of larger Capital Ships.

Section V: Extended Weapons Ranges and Limited Arcs

Cost in     range:	        Short	Medium	   Large

Damage	    damage is:	         Full    halved   quartered


        end of range bracket

  0       are the numbers         1       2          4

  1         given here:           2       4          8

  2                               3       6          12

  4                               4       8          16

  8                               5       10         20

  16                              6       12         24

  32                              7       14         28

Section VI: Some Miscellanious Rules:

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