AutoMuseum Wolfsburg

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These pictures I took during my visit at Wolfsburg AutoMuseum.
That is a place to visit for anyone who is interested in the history of Volkswagens.
This page needs some time to download. So, be patient. I believe it is worth waiting!
Click the thumbnails to see larger pictures.
When the whole page has downloaded, you will see larger pictures quickly. Try it!



There is only one parking place like this in the whole world!



1934 NSU Prorotyp/Porsche 32.

1470 ccm aircooled boxer engine with 28 horsepower.

Ferdinand Porsche had Volkswagen in his mind already then.


1938 Volkswagen Cabriolet.

985 ccm 24 horsepower engine.

This is Cabriolet number 31. The first owner of this car was Adolf Hitler.
Car has been driven 590 000 kilometers (not very many of them by Hitler).


1944 Volkswagen Schwimmwagen Typ 166.

1131 ccm 25 horsepower engine.

Ideal car for a hot summer day at the beach?


1949 Volkswagen Rennwagen, chassis made by Petermax Müller.

1095 ccm 54 horsepower engine, top speed more than 200 km/h.

Petermax Müller was among the first ones to race with Volkswagen. The driver made the body himself.
With this car he won the German Championship in 1949.



1946 Volkswagen Kommandeürwagen.

1131 ccm 25 horsepower engine.

Car number VR-024, this car was used by major Ivan Hirst,
when VW Factory was rebuilt from the ruins after the war.


This car was made to teach future VW-specialists to know that car.
If you are restoring a car like this, consider buying one like this to your carage.


Formula Vee of Formel Vau, no matter what name you call it. These race car are really nice to look
(and probably to drive as well!)
Do you have good pictures with these cars racing?

Everyone knows this car. And everyone loves it. It´s Herbie!

This car is working just like any VW. But it is not ideal for rainy days!

This line-up you can see first when you step in to the museum.

German Polizei-Käfer.

This Beetle is one of my favourites in the museum.
You could spend hours looking at it (if you´re a real VW-fanatic)

This Museum has had visitors


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