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A Note for Disabled Visitors

Medical Studies

The sight of the laboured gait of a physically disabled person in leg-braces can trigger a totally overwhelming response in some people - the pulse races and they feel magnetically attracted to the sight. They know it is wrong to gaze yet they cannot avoid doing so. It is as if some altered state is triggered and they are taken over by another part of their psyche. Why this response occurs and why in some people this is linked with a strong wish to be disabled themselves is a mystery. 

 Several studies have been cariied out into why some individuals have an attraction to, or fascination with, certain forms of physical disability. See the books and papers by Dr John Money (et al) from the John Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA. 

 One term used by Money to describe it is disability paraphilia which covers a number of conditions. Some people are not happy to classify this fascination/attraction as a paraphilia - they may be correct, I'm not sure. Specifically, Money termed the attraction to leg-braces, wheelchairs and the people who use them abasiophilia. One thing is certain - it is not simply a sexual fetish as the mechanisms involved appear far more complex. 

A new study has recently been published which you may find informative. 

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