The Heroic Age is a free online journal dedicated to the study of the Northwestern Europe from the Late Roman Empire to the advent of the Norman Empire. This journal is intended to be for the use of professionals, students, and amateurs alike and will take submissions from all of the above. It is our intent to publish quarterly. Please direct questions, comments and submissions directly to the general editor.

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General Description:

Topic and Time period: Britain, Ireland, and their North Sea Neighbors, from the Late Roman Empire to the advent of the Norman Empire

Our focus is on the early medieval Northwestern Europe, augmented by explorations of their relations with the rest of Europe.  We will investigate this period across ethnic and disciplinary boundaries, including - but not limited to - history, archaeology, literature, and legends of Britain, Ireland, northern Gaul, and Scandinavia.

Literary topics can include works composed in this time period or later medieval works that pertain to or are set in this period.  Examples of acceptable literary topics include: the Arthurian tales, the Charlemagne cycle, Beowulf, early Welsh and Irish poetry and prose, the Viking sagas and the Eddas, the vitas of 4th-11th century saints, and the works of later medieval authors who wrote of this period, such as William of Malmesbury and Geoffrey of Monmouth.

There will occasionally be special topic issues; otherwise the topic is open within the early medieval period as defined above. Submissions for regular issues will be accepted on a continual basis. If you have any questions about whether your topic will fit our scope, please do not hesitate to email the general editor.

Cost: FREE!!  The Heroic Age will appear online only.  There will not be a print edition.

Target Authors: Professionals, Students and Amateurs

Regular Features:     See Author's Instructions!

Feature Articles: Accepting research articles on a variety of topics.  If you want a quick turnaround time, and a wide audience, this is the place for you. Review articles will be accepted, as will select reprints on a space available basis.

History by Biography: Write a biography of your favorite early medieval figure! Preference will be give to biographies of documented historical figures over legendary figures. One or two biographies will be chosen per issue.

The Forum: Accepting essays that stimulate discussion among early medievalists by supporting or attacking prevailing theories on a variety of topics. This would also be a good avenue to introduce new ideas and receive feedback from your peers.

Archaeology News Briefs: This is your chance to be a reporter!  If you know of archaeological news first hand or read of it in another publication and believe the readers of The Heroic Age would be interested, write a brief summary for us.  Like all good reporters, please remember to cite your sources.

Organizational News: A perfect place to advertise your organization's seminars, workshops or just advertise for new members.

Humor Section: Accepting humorous poems, riddles, jokes, and small cartoons. All humor section materials must be of your own composition! Proposals for a reoccurring cartoon feature will be entertained.Cartoon submissions must be in .gif or .jpg format.

Book Reviews: Accepting book reviews of nonfiction materials related to the early medieval period and any fictional materials that would be enjoyed by your fellow early medievalists!

Film and Television Reviews: Accepting reviews on film or television that focus on early medieval topics, such as the film First Knight, and the television miniseries Merlin..

Medievalia on the Web: Accepting reviews of web sites devoted to early medieval studies or descriptions of early medieval web sites by their owners.

Letters to the Editor: Let us know how we are doing, or comment on a previous essay or article.

Next Issue News: Check here for information on the next issue, including special instructions for possible upcoming single topic issues. (See the 'Call for Papers' page for news on upcoming single topic issues.)

Author's Instructions: Please read the author's instructions carefully before submitting an article, biography, essay, book review or material for the humor section.


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