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The Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) 2000TM is a joint development project with the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) of Northeastern Illinois. With the ability to conveniently move thousands of passengers an hour, the PRT provides a new transportation system that can substantially reduce congestion problems. An on-demand electric vehicle with seating for up to four passengers, PRT provides the intermodal transportation answer for cities and suburbs, airports, train stations, and the entertainment industries.


The Regional Transportation Authority received 12 proposals from industry to build a personal rapid transit system. Two Phase I contracts were awarded for $1.5 million each: Stone & Engineering Corporation and Intamin AG. In 1993, Raytheon Corporation assumed the lead for the Stone & Webster effort in Phase I. At the end of Phase I, Raytheon was selected by the RTA for Phase II. The three year Phase II project includes detailed design and construction of a test track in Marlborough, MA., and extensive product testing. The RTA approved Rosemont as the site for the initial application of the PRT system. In August 1995, a ground breaking was held at Marlborough, MA, for the construction of the full scale demonstration system and a station exhibit opening was held at the Village of Rosemont, Illinois, both of which were highly succesful. A number of other domestic and international sites are considering PRT2000TM for implementation.


Major Characteristics

  • Intermodal complement to all transportation systems
  • Small private vehicles seating up to 4
  • On-demand, 24 hour service at ~ 30 mph (48 kph)
  • Non-stop origin-to-destination
  • Automated Guideway Transit (AGT) dedicated right-of-way
  • Serves extended area with network of one way loops

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