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Received the rainbows from all over the world on the Internet
Rainbow777 Grand-Debut!

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Thanks to all the participants, 10,364 people from 42 countries!

Thank you for many rainbows.

Japan Air System invited submissions of new B777 marking design which will fly in next April to commemorate JAS 25th anniversary. The theme was "rainbow", corporate color of JAS.

10,364 people from 42 countries including Japan participated in the competition. The participants were in any age and in any nationalities. As a result of the judgment by the judges and JAS employees, one rainbow was selected. JAS are impressed with many people's presents of "rainbow" in unique ideas and full of the sense.

We really appreciate your participations.

Please look forward to the new rainbow wing.

The new rainbow, won the grand award, will be painted on JAS B777. It will makea grand-debut in April, 1997 carrying dreams, freedom, and warmth of the rainbows you sent us.

The name of the plane is "Rainbow777". Please look forward to the new rainbow wing that will brighten the flight in Japan.

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