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The Journeyman Project: Pegasus Prime
From: Presto Studios
pick pop
Version: 1.0
Date: October 16, 1997
File size: 47.9MB
Category: Adventure & RPG
Downloads: 4,701
License: Demo

The Journeyman Project: Pegasus Prime is a masterful retelling of the highly acclaimed Journeyman Project series from Presto Studios. Step into the shoes of Gage Blackwood, a.k.a. Agent 5 of the Temporal Security Agency. The Agency was created when time travel was discovered, and it purposed to prevent criminals from going back (or forward) in time to change history. Prove yourself in a trial by fire as you desperately seek to stop the mysterious temporal terrorist behind a series of "rips" in time. Travel through six different worlds, solving the puzzles and challenges you'll encounter on your way. It's a nonlinear race against the clock to stop the deadly temporal distortions before you--and your world--become history.

Minimum requirements:
PowerPC, System 7.5, 16MB RAM, 65MB disk space, display capable of "thousands of colors" setting

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