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January 14, 1999 - "Down with America"

Webpages for the Making - The Last Doomer
If anyone's looking for a new webpage, I'll hook you up with an index.html and you can fill up the back pages with your info and what not.

I'm not doing any webpages for people that don't know HTML and use editors because the damn editors shred the fucking code up.

Like I said if you're me.

Damn Chaos - The Last Doomer
I'd like to see the damn Doom Community go just one month with out ONE dispute. Nothing...not a damn word about what's on who's webpage or what's about who's wad...NOTHING!

I don't think it could be done, know why? Cause everyone's fucking scared of being wrong...and even if there's the slightest possibility they may be...a battle breaks out. What in the God damn hell is the matter people?

'The only thing we can do now is try to deal with issues on a more grown-up level in the future.' - Ricrob
It's easy to say...let's see this principle demonstrated.

Limes vs. Grapes - The Last Doomer
Check out the new poll - Express your opinions.

Fuck You Drity Iraqs - The Last Doomer
Look at this fuckin' shit:

( 1999 Cable News Network)

All these dirty fuckers will die. You know why? No respect. Perhaps when you and your fucking leader decide to LISTEN to what you're told to do, all you mofos can live without American interference. Until then, kiss my American ass.

For the rest of you: Blow me. I'm tired of the fucking whining, shut the hell up.

January 13, 1999 - UPDATE!

/mumbles - The Last Doomer
Well, well, well! It's time to update again...heaven knows...bah, I don't know WTF I'm doing anymore. is dying...I saw ol' Ricrob has himself a new home already....and Cyb is lookin' for one. QuakeCity I'm tellin' you man.... Scoots will hook you right up. Oh course.....there's always Doom Nation... >;D

Something Outta Nowhere - Strife
Well... since DooM News pointed out, we haven't updated Doom Forever in eleven days. Sorry about that, TLD and I just didn't have anything to post (has anything interesting actually happened?). So... for no apparent reason, I'll post this chat log of mine where we talk about Doom, and whether anything will actually bring people back to play a relic such as itself. Uh... Enjoy!

<The Last Doomer> Fuck Quake. Once client/server ZDoom comes out you'll come crawling back.

<Flynn> ROFL!!! Not... Doom used to be great, but it's past it's time for me. I don't think I'll ever go back. All my clan buds won't be playing Doom, just a bunch of freaking lamers. Why would I want to play Doom??? =]

<The Last Doomer> Because Doom ownz you.

<Flynn> Um.. No it doesn't. Doom doesn't own anything. It's... boring. So is Quake, but I can hang with the homies on Quake =]

<The Last Doomer> You don't mean that.

<Flynn> About Quake and Doom both sucking?... No actually. They are both pretty crappy games.

<The Last Doomer> I hope you choke. =)

<The Last Doomer> You're just high on Quake right'll say anything.

<Flynn> High on Quake?... Heh, never. High on Doom? Even less likely than the previous. High on Anime? But of course!

<The Last Doomer> Smelly cat....smelly cat....What are they feeding you....?

<Flynn> Uh... Heh. A Canadian diet of protein and beer nuts. Sorry about this Doom stuff... do you still like Doom?

<Flynn> I mean.. after all the $hit that's happened to Doom... you can't possibly like it?

<The Last Doomer> I love Doom...but yes, because of the idiots that hold in their hands the same 'love' as me Doom is slowly dying. Because so many of the same idiots only care about themselves and their 'butt buddies' nothing ever gets done except stupid little .wads.

<Flynn> So.. you're saying you like it cuz of all the idiots who play it?

<The Last Doomer> Did I say that? NO! *smack* ;D

<Flynn> Wh00ps... don't know what you said then =] I really enjoyed Doom. But everythings been done. Doom is over... nothing new is gonna happen.

<The Last Doomer> Why do you base you 'relationship' with Doom on the so called 'community?'

<Flynn> Hrm... Cuz I don't like playing Doom alone. It's no fun. I like chatting with people rather just sitting idle and killing. When the people who play the game act like assholes, there is no point in me even trying.

<The Last Doomer> you're 'lonely?'

<Flynn> lonley? Heck no... not with Quake =] With Doom, yeah.... It's impossible to talk to any of those brats.

<The Last Doomer> That's not true.

<Flynn> Becuz they've been playing Doom so long, it's impossible to mention anything without getting some faggot superior attitude it seems.

<The Last Doomer> true that is.

<Flynn> .. Uh. What are you waiting for to come out for Doom?

<The Last Doomer> Ok... Um...

<The Last Doomer> Client/Server support.

<Flynn> Um.. THAT'S IT?

<The Last Doomer> Yes, do you know what kind of life something like that would breath into Doom?

<Flynn> Really... Netplay like Quake is gonna take a while to come out. And I dont think it will bring back Doom. Some people will try it out, say "This sucks", and then go back to playing games like Q3 Arena, Half Life, SiN, etc. Doom is just too outdated.

<Flynn> Really, the point of a game is to be the best. There aren't that many people who play Doom to actually have some competition. There's no point in playing.

<The Last Doomer> You play Doom because it's fun to play. And if you don't find it fun to play....well then...

<Flynn> If I found it fun to play, I wouldn't be here typing this msg to you. I'd be out trying to find someone to have a good ZDoom match with.

<The Last Doomer> Ok then.

<Flynn> But that's another problem. There is no support for the keyboard like there is in Quake. Why would I want to play when it takes around 3 seconds for my character to turn the FUCK AROUND?

<The Last Doomer> I forget the name of the source port mod....but you CAN change that.

<Flynn> uh... kay. Does it support multiplayer? Kinda useless having it in single player.

<The Last Doomer> Yes...and what do you mean by 'keyboard support?'

<Flynn> Changing turn speed / look up-down speed. Like in Quake, you can change that so you're not an easy picking for an experienced mouser.

<The Last Doomer> Almost any source port you can change that stuff....

<Flynn> Uh... Kay... Are you sure? You playing with the mouse!

<The Last Doomer> Why the heck don't you use the mouse?

<Flynn> Cuz I don't know how. I tried playing with it once... couldn't adjust to it. I playing with the keyboard... and I 0wn j00 ;)

<The Last Doomer> Pfffft, in Quake maybe....nothing else. ;)

<Flynn> Yeah.. cuz nothing else can customize my settings. If you played doom and put down your mouse to your LOWEST possible sensitivity, you'd know how I feel playing that crap game.

<The Last Doomer> I play the same damn after day after day.

<Flynn> and j00 play Doom... day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day...

<The Last Doomer> I do assume that.

<Flynn> Sorry... you just talk about Doom day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day...

<The Last Doomer> hehehehehe

<Flynn> That's not funny. It's like playing in sludge. TURN DAMMIT... HE'S BEHIND ME... TURN!!!

<The Last Doomer> I know what you mean....we set up a Doom DM game on macs at school last year and had no mouse support...

<Flynn> I can't play like that. I need to be able to turn fast or I am gonna lose. Quite a few people still play with keyboard, but mod authors haven't implemented anything to help people like me =~(

<The Last Doomer> That's because the mod authors are 'normal people' that make their mods for 'normal people' that play with the 'mouse.'

<Flynn> Heh.. and I guess they don't want other people playing Doom then. They can go fuck themselves.. it doesn't hurt me not playing a 5 year old dinosaur.

<The Last Doomer> Yeah, well see when Quake turns 5 if you're still around playing that on your lil' 166....

<Flynn> Hehehe. I wouldn't doubt it. But that okay with me. Because I'll still have my clan pals to hang around with. What will Doom have? :)

<The Last Doomer> And what happens when you clan pals move on to a better game with their faster 'puters?

<Flynn> They already have P450s. We've been playing together for over a year, they'll always come back, maybe not to play Quake, but to chat.

<The Last Doomer> Hehe, and chat is cheap.

<Flynn> Egg-zactly!!! But I am sure my friends will still be playing Quake, and some people will still be playing Doom. Classic games will never die... they just lose a lot of support.

<The Last Doomer> Quake will die.

<Flynn> ... That's not a nice thing to say. Although it may be true. No one is making a mod for Quake anymore, and multiplayer mods aren't being made either. A lot of people still play it tho? Just like Doom.

<The Last Doomer> But MP is the only thing keeping quake alive...when was the last time a single player map for Quake was released?

<Flynn> Quake has single player?

<The Last Doomer> now add MP to will totally boost it up.

<The Last Doomer> ;)

<The Last Doomer> The only reason most people don't play Doom today is because it has no netplay support.

<Flynn> Heh. The only thing that kept Doom alive was the amount of people with 386 and 486s. And the source release brought some people back. And netplay will be good for people already playing Doom at the moment, but people ARENT going to come back. There is so much more to play. Most people don't even have Doom installed or own the game anymore.

<The Last Doomer> Why won't the come back?

<Flynn> Um.... Heh. The physics engine in Doom sucks for one. The players move and jump really stupidly. Then it depends on how good the multiplayer support is. Who is gonna come back to Doom when it's laggy as he11 like it is with ZDoom? There are many reason.

<The Last Doomer> Hrm....

<The Last Doomer> quake is only 2 years old...and look how fast it's slowly dying off.

<Flynn> There is no reason for people to play Doom anymore. Everything about the game has been upgraded. Q2 took the Doom weapons and made them better. Better levels (room over room technology) has outdated those horrid Doom maps. The powerups are outdated about boring now.

<The Last Doomer> =(

<Flynn> =~( is damn right. I don't like seeing my favorite game die off... it's just something that happened.

<The Last Doomer> It's very easy to just say that doom is outdated and old.

<Flynn> Yeah... it is actually. Can you say something good about Doom that will bring other people back to play it?

<The Last Doomer> 8 player DM w/ client/server support to come and leave as you like.

<Flynn> Um... which currently isnt available. And what makes it so much better than Q/Q2/HL/SiN ??? It's got bad graphics, physics, and levels. There isn't anything attractive there.

<The Last Doomer> the gameplay is top notch.

<Flynn> Hrm... kay. Maybe for long time players. For those who have been playing other games for so long would find it frustrating to play Doom. The rockets are so dang big... you can RJ or all that fancy stuff like in Quakers!

<The Last Doomer> Why did people start playing doom in the first place?

<Flynn> Cuz it was kewl. Why did people begin playing Quake? Cuz it looked better than Doom. When Q2 came out, it was far superior to Doom and Q1.

<The Last Doomer> Bah...people started playing Quake because they wanted MP....that's it...there's nothing 'wonderful' about Quake the really makes you want to play it over another game on the net...if you could play other new games I doubt you'd play quake like you do now.

<Flynn> yeah... too bad I cant run any new games ;) I really dont like arguing about this... When Doom server/client support is released who knows what will happen. I could be wrong, or you could be wrong.

<The Last Doomer> For never playing Q2 you know a lot about it.

<Flynn> Heh. From what I hear... it is good.

<The Last Doomer> I'm always that's cleared up already. heheheheheheh ;) j/k

<The Last Doomer> It's not like gonna 'bring people back.' People are not gonna go HEY! Look, you can play Doom on the net like 'normal' lets play that instead. I'm just saying that Doom players you never knew existed will show up.

<Flynn> WTF? Christ... I've been wasting my time talking to you for the past half hour! BS!


<Flynn> =] Remind me to never get deep into a conversation with you again. Dammit. That sucked. Sure, some llamas will 'magically' appear. Maybe 5 or 6 people.... check out the DN forums. There's lots of people who haven't figured out it is okay for an idiot to make a webpage to insult ppl.

<The Last Doomer> hahaha.

Well now... If you read all that, I'd have to state your an idiot. G'nite.

PFFFFT! - The Last Doomer
What does Strife know about idiots?

  • #1, He doesn't like Doom.
  • #2, He licked his self clean this morning.
  • #3, He licked himself clean yesterday morning.
Get the point? :D

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