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IGN Respects Your Privacy
The Imagine Games Network (IGN) collects personal information about our users during sign up for our newsletters and contests or through research studies delivered either on our web sites or via e-mail. The information we collect is used in the aggregate to give us demographic information about the entire IGN audience to improve the IGN service and help us sell the advertising that supports the sites. The Imagine Games Network does not sell or give visitor information to third parties for the purpose of direct mail or spamming without visitor permission. However, the personal information you provide lets us inform you about updates to the Imagine Games Network, Imagine Media, Inc. and if you have elected to receive such information, the products and services of IGN's clients and sponsors that we believe may be of interest to you.

Newsletter Sign-Up
IGN does not share its newsletter subscriber list with third parties. Any information collected during the subscription process is used only to tell us your gaming preferences to better focus newsletter content. You may remove your e-mail address from our lists at any time.

Contest Entries
IGN collects information from all contest entrants. Information collected during this process is used to tell us about your system ownership and preferences for awarding contest prizes, as well as, contact information should you win. In addition, should you also choose to receive promotional mailings from IGN contest sponsors your contact and system ownership information may be forwarded to them so that they may contact you with information related to their products and services.

IGN does not release any e-mail addresses from users unless they have specifically and actively consented to this use during the contest entry process. IGN generally conducts such mailings on behalf of such third parties to ensure the proper use of such information. IGN permits a third party to use the information for limited purposes only after agreeing to comply with certain safeguards and other requirements.

IGN respects your right to privacy. As part of the contest entry process, we give you the opportunity to decline to receive any mailings from other parties to whom IGN may provide such information.

Surveys and User Research
IGN also conducts periodic e-mail and Web-delivered surveys to gather information about our audience. We share the aggregate results of these surveys - not individual data -with our advertisers to help them better understand our services and monitor the reach of their advertising on the service. IGN uses reasonable precautions to keep the personal information disclosed to us secure and to disclose such information only to third parties we believe to be responsible. However, we are not responsible for any breach of security or for any actions of any third parties that receive the information.

If you have questions please send an e-mail to feedback@ign.com.

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