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Login: Dark Eagle [6:44 pm EST - Jan. 2, 1999]


The Valley of the Jedi Tower Staff and I would like to wish you all a happy new year!  A new year, new people, and new beginnings.  This is the day where we try and put aside our grudges, and try to start things anew.  I hope you all are feeling better today, and didn't party too much last night ;).  I was at the Zone last night, just seeing what was happening, and
was I surprised! The place was packed!  Not to mention a little bit crazy, all of them were counting down, and trying the old trick of sending stuff through the Internet.  Of course, it didn't work, because I didn't get the wine I was promised ;).  Oh well, here's to next year!  May it be as prosperous as this one, and may VOTJT become the best damn JK site of all time!


The guys over at Jedinights have been telling the JK community that they were going tho have a surprise!  And today, they pulled through on their promise!  What was the surprise?  Oh, go check it out for yourself!

New TC

I received the following email from "The Shadow" recently, he is creating a new TC:

The name will be, Jedi Knight: The Hawkinis Story.  This new mots TC will take place 950 years after ROTJ. There is another new empire, Hawkinis must destroy this new darker empire with the help of some old friends.  I
am looking for Mobuis or Morbis, I think its Mobuis if you know were I can find him or you him E-mail me! 

There are members needed for new TC, Tons of level editors, 3do artists Cutscene editors, skinners etc. 
If you would like to have one of the jobs contact me at

Thanks Shadow
CA Project

Nimrod gave me the URL to JEDIT's main project, the Cyber Assassin project.  It looks like it will be a good TC.  Go check it out!  The story leaves off after IG-88 leaves Mechis 3.  You know, after Boba Fett trashes the 3 robots?

Jedi Fortress

There is only one game I like better than Jedi Knight, and that is Team Fortress.  I play this game almost non stop it is so addicting.  For those of you who don't know, Team Fortress is almost like Capture the Flag, but it uses classes, people with different abilities and weapons.  Team Fortress is an addon for Quake.  If you want to know more go to or .  Ok, I hear ya saying, "and?"  Well the TC I have been anticipating for so long has been the Jedi Fortress TC.  Now, I've said this before, and I got proved wrong, and I pray that I am wrong now.  Did the project die?  Is it overwith now?  I hope not, because this TC is truly what everyone needs.  Team Fortress is the most addicting game I have ever seen.  Plus team-oriented games are the most in demand at the moment.  With new games like Tribes coming out, most team games are a "can't miss"!  Oh well, we'll wait and see... ;)  Oh yeah, if the project is down, would someone please take over?!

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