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The Center for Holistic Management is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization working to restore the vitality of communities and the natural resources on which they depend.  This mission is carried out through a range of activities directed at:
  • Sharing learning about the physical world and about restorative, creative and dynamic processes.
  • Generating the knowledge that real solutions are available to restore the biodiversity upon which all life depends.
  • Invigorating planning and decision making in communities and family operations
  • Enhancing institutional, corporate, and public planning and policy making
  • Increasing citizen participation in sound resource management


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HOLISTIC MANAGEMENT is a unique management process that is helping people improve the quality of their lives— their finances— simultaneously restoring the environment on which we all depend. It is a process that allows people to make decisions, based on their deeper values, that will be economically, socially and environmentally sound.

Holistic Management can be practiced in a variety of situations— your own personal life, to the business or corporation you manage, or the government you support— for a variety of reasons.

Some of the world's greatest problems are those associated with the loss of biological diversity— spread of deserts, increasing floods and droughts, global climate change, environmental refugees, poverty, urban drift, failing economies, social breakdown and even war. If you are concerned with any of these problems and want to work to reverse the situation, then you need to know more about Holistic Management.

However, many people have been attracted to Holistic Management because they have heard of the success stories of other practitioners who were in debt or barely able to keep their businesses or households running then turned their lives around. Because people often feel or notice the financial pressure first, some people have used the holistic financial planning as a starting point to balance their needs and create the life they want.

But, of course, all management is about how people manage a resource -- human, financial, or natural. Holistic Management helps people take the time upfront to define those human values which will motivate them to do the kind of planning and decision-making that good management requires.

Holistic Management has been developed through practice by thousands of individuals, families, businesses and communities who have made numerous contributions over the last 40 years. That fact that practice, rather than theory, has driven its development, is one of its major strengths.

The Center for Holistic Management serves as the clearinghouse for information on new developments related to Holistic Management and is responsible for ensuring that these developments are communicated to our international network of members and educators.

This website will introduce you to the basic principles of Holistic Management, the people and history of the Center, and to the programs, products and services available through the Center.

This web site was last updated on July 2, 1998