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Correct some of your youthful Usenet indiscretions with Deja News' automated message nuker.
to Computing by tregoweth at Sun Jan 24 04:50:27 1999
I was always dissapointed as a kid that my favorite Japanese movie monster Gamera never fought Godzilla. But now, there's strange fan fictionto come to my rescue. Remember, "Godzilla vs. Gamera" is a trademark of Matt Lutes. I'm sure neither Daiei Corp., Toho Corp., or Sony have a problem with that.
to Movies by peterb at Sat Jan 23 09:11:04 1999
Seti@Home is a project that lets internet users use spare cycles to help look for meaningful signs of alien life amongst SETI data, much like the distributed efforts to find crypto keys.
to Science by faisal at Sat Jan 23 02:47:15 1999
Ryuchi Sakamoto is one of the most interesting and versatile popular composers of the late 20th century.
to Music by faisal at Sat Jan 23 02:32:20 1999
Prodigy's shutting down its pre-Internet "Classic" service rather than fixing its year-2000 bugs.
to Computing by tregoweth at Sat Jan 23 02:28:51 1999
The Multimedia Medical Reference Library can help when something goes wrong with you.
to Reference by goboro at Fri Jan 22 13:03:54 1999
Kalashnikov Arms, makers of the most widespread firearms in the world. But what the heck did this banner ad pointing to them have to do with Cisco Systems? Any translators out there? And what the hell kind of uniforms are those guys wearing, anyway?
to Warfare by nyarl at Fri Jan 22 11:30:45 1999
Revolutionary book in the '60s, quaint web page in the '90s: Steal This Book online.
to Reference by tregoweth at Fri Jan 22 02:17:36 1999
The search engine is now available for testing. Please notify in the case of any problems.
to Memepool-News by joshua at Fri Jan 22 00:32:22 1999
Bioluminescent toys. As in, children's toys. As in, squirtguns that squirt glow-in-the-dark fluid. Yes: gene-spliced microorganisms to entertain you!
to Games by goboro at Thu Jan 21 19:01:54 1999
Find the nutritional content of most anything.
to Reference by goboro at Thu Jan 21 18:59:29 1999
Darwin's detractors: a field guide. (Shame that neither side of the debate knows yet who's attacking whom.)
to Science by ned at Thu Jan 21 15:30:05 1999
Brainwashed, your one-stop shop for "music which deserves better recognition on the net and the rest of the world". Experimental, apocalyptic, and industrial bands all have official homepages here, in addition to other features such as a Weekly Digest and MP3 Jukebox.
to Music by nyarl at Thu Jan 21 11:49:28 1999
In an effort to set the record straight, the Attrition Errata page has some information on what's true and, more importantly, what's not true with respect to Internet security. A recent submission to memepool can be seen highlighted under Charlatans.
to Computing by stimpy at Wed Jan 20 14:05:02 1999
The article may be about testicular cancer but the photograph is begging for a better caption.
to Sex by peterb at Wed Jan 20 13:50:23 1999
Faster than a speeding bullet - able to leap over tall buildings in a single bound - and compatible with all 4.0 browsers! It's InternetMan!
to Comics by raia at Wed Jan 20 09:25:41 1999
The Man shuts down the International Lyrics Server.
to Music by tregoweth at Wed Jan 20 02:17:59 1999
The distilled wisdom of alt.revenge for those special occasions when alt.shenanigans is not enough.
to Warfare by obvious at Tue Jan 19 15:12:37 1999
Si hoc signum legere potes, operis boni in rebus Latinus alacribus et fructuosis potiri potes!
to Linguistics by peterb at Tue Jan 19 11:18:22 1999
Corporations fight back against hackers -- hard.
to Computing by tregoweth at Tue Jan 19 01:23:45 1999
Hallmark presents rejected Shoebox Greetings cards. Imagine if other companies put their rejects on display.
to Humor by tregoweth at Tue Jan 19 01:20:11 1999
JackinWorld: your one-stop site for information about, um, friction-based personal entertainment.
to Sex by tregoweth at Mon Jan 18 22:22:31 1999
The SEDS Messier Catalog is a beautifully done and very deep site that explores the classic, well-known deep-sky objects cataloged by Charles Messier. This is a good way to get an overview of the nearest, largest, and brightest globular clusters, open clusters, stardust clouds, "planetary nebulae" (a misnomer), and galaxies. I wish I had several spare multihour chunks of time to spend exploring this one.
to Science by arkuat at Mon Jan 18 15:32:51 1999
You know, it's important to realize that folks with embarrassing viral conditions need love too.
to Sex by peterb at Mon Jan 18 14:41:43 1999
More information that you ever needed to know about calendars.
to Science by riotnrrd at Mon Jan 18 14:04:10 1999
There's no reason to be blue when you can be a part of Tonya's life.
to Culture by peterb at Mon Jan 18 13:29:01 1999
The long history of Christian religious art provides an interesting background for reflection about the current controversy on religious expression through art and mortification of the body.
to Religion by jacquez at Mon Jan 18 13:15:02 1999
"I Was a Teeny-Bopper for the CIA!" and other stories: the acme of pop culture.
to Culture by jacquez at Mon Jan 18 12:13:10 1999
The word is truth, or something. ALIENS!!!
to Conspiracy by jason at Mon Jan 18 02:29:59 1999
Bookmarklets are handy little JavaScript things that you can keep in your bookmarks and use while browsing.
to Web by tregoweth at Mon Jan 18 01:57:42 1999
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