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We're a group of volunteers working to create new development tools, with a focus on Unix-like systems. We have updated CMU's Gwydion Dylan, fixing many bugs and making it work well under modern versions of Linux and FreeBSD. Our current release is a technology preview, suitable for learning Dylan and building modest command-line applications. In the future, we want to create one of the most advanced development tools available and donate it to the GNU project.

Please feel free to join us! You can look at our goals, some code examples, or one of the following resources:

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Recent News

Gwydion Dylan 2.1.3 Released (9 Jan 1999)

We're almost there! Gwydion Dylan 2.1.3 is the final development release before 2.2. Barring any unexpected bugs, we'll rerelease in a week or two as the official 2.2.

New features include many bug fixes, a new parse-arguments library and brand new man pages.

Code Freeze for Gwydion Dylan 2.2 (3 Jan 1999)

We've frozen the code in CVS in anticipation of our forthcoming 2.2 release. Look for a final test version, and then the real thing!

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