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Welcome to Kerala, the southern most state of the Republic of India. This land, famous for its soothing Ayurvedic rejuvenation therapies, languishing backwaters, and rich array of performing and ritual arts, is a destination for all seasons.

Chakkiarkooth, an art form of Kerala

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Video of the week: Padayani kolam

Performed at a few temples in the Central Travancore region, Padayani is a ritual art form. During the dance the performers attain a frenzied trance which culminate in extremely vigorous movements. Equally interesting is to watch the villagers effortlessly making the kolam or the mask worn by the Padayani performers. Kolams are made out of fresh spathe of arecanut.

Padayani kolam

Music of the Week: Panchavadyam

Pancha (five) Vadyam (instrument) is an orchestra, typical of Kerala, consisting of five instruments - Madalam, Edakka, Thimila, Ilathalam and Kombu. It is an inevitable accompaniment during processions, religious or otherwise.

Destination of the Week: Sabarimala

Amidst the virgin forest wilderness of the Western Ghats lies the sacred mountain 'Sabarimala', a major pilgrim centre in India. The landscape has vast unending stretches of forests, rivers and plantations. Evergreen and moist deciduous forest cover half the total district area. The sanctum sanctorum nestles 914 metres above sea level.


Diary of Events

Religious festivals are the right places to see this land's centuries old rituals and customs. Though some religious institutions in Kerala allow access only to people of thier faith, the festivities are mostly held out side the worship places where anyone can go. In this issue we list a few major forthcoming festivals.


Picture of the Week: Ranipuram

Ranipuram - an alluring mountain ideal for trekking, lying 780 metres above sea level.


Graham Hall

“The tranquility of the place fascinates me”, says Graham Hall. “The growing consumer pressure has not disturbed the peaceful atmosphere still prevailing in the land", he adds.

Graham Hall

'What's on to shop'

The Payyanur Pavithra Mothiram is a uniquely crafted golden ring shaped like a knot.The sole right to make this holy ring was vested in the hands of a particular family at Payyanur in Kannur district.

Pavithra Mothiram

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