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World's Smallest Web Server
Technology Posted by CmdrTaco on Sunday January 24, @05:35PM
from the tiny-little-computers dept.
NYC writes " Definitely check out this site. The web site is running of a computer measuring 2.7" by 1.7" by .25" for a volume of about a cubic inch. The processor is an AMD 486-SX with 16MB of RAM running RedHat 5.2. Super Cool." Update: 01/25 01:12 by CT: Didn't take long: It got cracked and taken down a few hours ago.

Downloading From the RIO
News Posted by CmdrTaco on Sunday January 24, @02:45PM
from the RIAA-is-gonna-hate-this dept.
Trey writes "MP3 Place reported this. Previously you could ONLY upload files to the Rio, and you could only upload Mp3 files. With the Riogeo program, you can now upload and download any file format, With this, you'll have a 32 MB portable drive! Currently it is a simple DOS command line prog." What about a Linux port? More importantly, what is the RIAA gonna think about this? Maybe the next Rio (or comparable product) will have sync capabilities like a pilot- just connect with your friends and trade tunes? Oh dear, this industry is going to get crazy real fast.

BASF uses Linux cluster for modelling chemicals
Linux Posted by sengan on Sunday January 24, @02:41PM
from the learn-another-language! dept.
Linux Magazin has a rather interesting article written by BASF researchers about the use of Linux as a research tool. It's nicely detailed, going into the software and hardware problems they encountered, their choice of compiler, and a performance comparison of 10 PCs with a parallel SGI box. They are happy with Linux and are looking forward to 2.2's 4-way and 8-way CPU support. The only problem with this article is that Babelfish chokes on it quite quickly.

Developers Sidestepping Apple Firewire Fee?
Apple Posted by CmdrTaco on Sunday January 24, @02:29PM
from the who-needs-the-bait-and-switch dept.
TDO writes "According to this story, developers are trying to work around the $1 per port apple tax on fire wire.Check it out.. " The gist is that developers are going to create a backwards compatible version without Apple Intellectual Property. But it'll take a few years.

Feel good linux article
Linux Posted by sengan on Sunday January 24, @01:05PM
from the slow-sunday dept.
Infoworld has a feel-good article about Linux' recent growth, and things we can expect from Linux-friendly industry giants in the future. Link from LWN.

More trojan horse issues
Linux Posted by sengan on Sunday January 24, @12:56PM
from the bad-publicity dept.
Linux Weekly News is reporting more trojan horse activity, this time hitting util-linux. Looks like someone read that Bruce Perens Article. Assume that win.tue.nl is not safe for the moment.

Wearable Computers in Canada
Technology Posted by CmdrTaco on Sunday January 24, @12:46PM
from the cool-technology-and-a-lot-of-snow dept.
JR writes "The Ottawa Citizen, in their weekly High Technology News feature, recently reported on a 'Wearable Computing' research trial currently going on at the University of Toronto. Is this the future? I hope so :) "

Stanford Linux Demonstration
Linux Posted by sengan on Sunday January 24, @12:43PM
from the don't-need-to-code-to-help-linux dept.
Students at Stanford organised a peaceful Linux demonstration at a local career fair handing out flyers. David Weekly did a write-up on how it went. Link courtesy of LT.

Netscape releases Free JVM, ElectricalFire
Netscape Posted by sengan on Sunday January 24, @12:26AM
from the to-hack-ElectricalFire-or-to-hack-Kaffe? dept.
HoserHead writes "Netscape has released a new JVM-JIT compiler called ElectricalFire. It originally started as an in-house commercial compiler project but is now purely Open Source: there are now no plans to turn it into a commercial product. ElectricalFire also contains none of Sun's code. Check it out at its homepage on mozilla.org." It's NPL'd and they are calling for developers.

A review of the film Windhorse
Movies Posted by sengan on Saturday January 23, @11:59PM
from the NOT-nerd-news,-but-film-news dept.
Last weekend, an advance screening of the film Windhorse was shown locally at CU Boulder as part of an SFT event. Since this is film news rather than nerd news, the usual slashdot film-review disclaimer applies: skip it if you don't want to read it.
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Jon Katz's latest piece on cutting his teeth on Linux- the Road to Linux, First Blood.

For something a bit more light hearted, you can read my feature on Geek Christmas Presents and drool over assorted mega expensive toys.

Jeremy Lee has written an excellent piece called Open Source and Change where he talks a bit about he social implications of the movement that we all know and love.

Check out our Past Features if you're looking for something to read.
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