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"But perhaps also a powerful Interdimensional
Intelligence had established contact with both
these traveling philosophers -- in different
eras and different historical contexts -- for a
purpose which is multi-dimensional, and lies
beyond simplistic concepts..."

John Dee, George Adamski, and the Magickal Space Brethren

- or -

A True & Faithful Relation of What Passed For Many Years Between George Adamski And Some Venusian UFO Space Brothers

Might a telepathically-gifted individual be able to suggest that an unsuspecting "mark" hand over top secret documents or chemical formulas to a stranger at lunch hour? Of course, this is possible. Intelligence agencies of any country cannot be faulted for dabbling covertly in hypnosis and sleight of hand tricks as a simple matter of self defense against the possible aggressive use of such techniques.

However, as has been established earlier in this text, aggressive use of telepathic capabilities does not always originate from human intelligence. Spirits, demigods, angels and demons may decide to interact with human beings. Or these interdimensional Intelligences may be "awakened" or deliberately summoned by human activity which links the telepathic and subtle energy capabilities of living human intelligence to the telepathic capacities of living subtle energy forms which have a qualitatively different sort of "physical" body.

The very idea of such a telepathic interlinkage is alarming to those individuals who correctly sense in such an arrangement the potential for dominance of the human mind by the interdimensional creature who may be in physical terms just an ameboid blob or "critter" but is more realized than the average human being in the area of subtle or "pranic" energy manifestation. But although the games of the "faeries" may lead to the physical illusions which drain and devastate certain of their telepathic contactees, other more beneficial interdimensional telepathic contacts of spirit intelligence to human intelligence may lead to an expansion of human capacity.

The European tour of "ufo contactee" George Adamski, described within the book Behind the Flying Saucer Mystery which he composed in 1961, is fundamentally like the travels of sorceror John Dee as described in Dee's A True & Faithful Rendition of What Passed For Many Years Between Dr. John Dee And Some Spirits, published by Meric Casaubon, D.D. in 1659.

Adamski gave lectures throughout Europe and met with minor league royalty in Holland in the 20th Century whereas Dr. John Dee traveled through central Europe and met briefly with the Polish emperor in the late 16th Century.

It is relevant that Adamski should have included in his book an essay on Lucifer which he wrote in 1937, prior to his becoming a "ufo contactee" celebrity after taking photos of a metallic "spacecraft" in the California desert.

Dr. John Dee, whose consultations with "angels" by means of the spirit medium Edward Kelly are recorded in the diaries compiled as A True & Faithful Relation of What Passed For Many Years Between Dr. John Dee And Some Spirits, believed that he was in contact with a form of "higher intelligence" which made him special. Yet Dr. Dee returned to England after his exotic Continental journey to find that the library shelved at his estate near London had been burned by vandals in his absence.

Throughout his European tour, George Adamski also sustained violent opposition to his occultly-inspired expedition in the form of persons who threw fruit and interrupted his lectures. According to Adamski in his book Behind The Flying Saucer Mystery, this claque of lecture hall hooligans was incited to riot by university officials who wanted to maintain a conservative curriculum. [i.e. guvmint debunkers -B:.B:.]

But it can convincingly be argued that both John Dee and George Adamski were strongly obsessed by a form of negative interdimensional intelligence which caused them to become ego-inflated about the "cosmic importance" of their "mission" [cf. Steve Greer, Rich Boylan, et al -B:.B:.] to the extent that they took leave of the native common sense which would have caused John Dee to have a trusted associate pass out alms for odd jobs to maintain his property and prevent the fire which occurred while he was away in Europe on the foreign university lecture circuit. This same sense of the material practicalities might certainly have caused George Adamski to prepare a less grandiose entry of "outer space" and "arch-angelic" ideas for delivery into the academic consciousness; thus avoiding the rain of fruit and vegetables which accompanied his lectures.

But perhaps the preternatural "evil of Lucifer" described by Adamski in his essay written in 1937, two decades before his "outer space" lecture tour, actually was manifesting through the organized opposition claque termed by Adamski the "Silence Group." It is true that certain individuals engaged in undue physical disruption and academic/corporate espionage to block distribution of the work of both Dr. John Dee and George Adamski.

But perhaps also a powerful Interdimensional Intelligence had established contact with both these traveling philosophers -- in different eras and different historical contexts -- for a purpose which is multi-dimensional, and lies beyond simplistic concepts of "Who threw the fruit?"

Adamski, regardless of his obvious ego-inflation, makes certain pertinent political and sociological comments in his final paperback book on contact with physical manifestations of Advanced Intelligence, originally titled: "Flying Saucers Farewell."

As a result of observations made during his travels in Germany, Holland and Switzerland during the 1950's, Adamski astutely remarked in his writing that the "neutrality" of Swiss bankers puts them in a truly powerful position during World Wars and other global controversies. In 1997, the clandestine "holding" by Swiss bankers of a variety of bank accounts during World War Two is a major news item and not a Trocadero fruit tango.

The point which your present correspondent wishes to make in comparing literal, geographical journeys by sorcerers made four centuries apart but under similar "interdimensionally guided" circumstances is simply that both Adamski and Dee, while rogues to the conformist observer of their inspirational philosophies, may actually have made a genuine link with Advanced Interdimensional Intelligence.

However, it is safe to speculate that these two innovative human individuals, regardless of their native intelligence, did not clearly understand how their participation fit into a larger, multidimensional panorama, including pre-historical and possible future events, and also contemporary events transpiring in other planetary locations than the exact sites they visited on their mysterious "lecture tours."

One of the most interesting facets of George Adamski's narration of his involvement with Advanced Interplanetary Intelligence is his insistence that he has encountered physical persons from other planets and not the "astral bodies" of persons and/or spirits in the sense of psychism and spirit mediumship. As are many naturally sensitive individuals, Adamski is also highly critical of flamboyant, commercial trance mediums claiming telepathic contact from "space people." It is not difficult to imagine what he might have written about the five dollar per minute 900-number psychic hotlines now in vogue. The next step in these boldly exploitive enterprises might actually be 900-number hotlines to astronauts on space stations orbiting Earth or Mars.

Your present correspondent can join the controversial George Adamski in his observation of the literal, physical reality of Interdimensional Intelligence and the ability of this Advanced Intelligence, whatever it may actually be in complete form, to register a variety of questionable images on ordinary photographic film.

But it is evident from Adamski's narrations, which include mention of his own esp capacity in finding items and sensing remnance of past historical events in Rome, that he was not fully aware of his own telepathic gift as this must have participated in his various "co-incidental" encounters with images and information he interpreted as being from Advanced Interplanetary Intelligence.

It is the opinion of your present correspondent that certain "mysteries" should remain unlimited by incomplete explanations, and are most correctly identified as being mysteries. Because of limited human cognition, certain events may be "unidentified" or "unexplained" simply because of arbitrary boundaries of knowledge and perception. Therefore, the preflx "un" in these cases is unnecessarily negative, implying a lack, a zone of non-knowledge.

Whereas, mysterious things possible to be known may simply lie in shadow along the dark frontier of our perceptions. Certainly, it is easy to see that the "behavior modification" of both John Dee and George Adamski, leading them forth from their natural environments in questionable and quirky adventures, came from the very interdimensional "forces" they had been attempting to "invoke" for many years under the names of angels and demons.

Yet somehow the real "message" from Dr. Dee's spirit guides lay in the action of traveling rather than the elaborate verbal messages in "angel language" provided through Edward Kelly, Dr. John Dee's principal spirit medium. Likewise, a portion of any real message from "Advanced Intelligence" received by George Adamski lay in his behavior in presenting material which eventually did receive international attention rather than the exact verbal and/or photographic details of the "hard copy" which Adamski presented in publications.

As in the lady bug communication by which your present correspondent non-violently prevented a charming bright red living scarab from jumping into her hot bathwater, the fact that the telepathic communication had been received lay in the behavior of the small insect rather than in a long verbal presentation made by the beetle about how it had realized that the hot bath water was actually the rightful property of the human entity who had originally drawn this water from the faucet, and so on.

"Actions", as the old saying goes, do "speak louder than words" when studying mundane human behavior modification and/or the possibility of influence by telepathic means, whether this is spirit, "angelic/demonic" or hypnotic telepathy from a living human being.

For there is attempted "behavior modification" coming from mundane rather than wholly interdimensional sources which mimics "occult" causality simply by using covert tactics. Sometimes these quasi-occult tactics are linked to notions of "intellectual" or "executive" superiority. For example, an attempted scam by which all participants are maintaining some key falsehood which only this elite group knows to be untrue mimics the actual situation which occurs when several telepathic individuals are able to discern a hidden cause which lies behind the overt progress of otherwise inexplicable and/or unforeseen events.

Sometimes, however, attempts at behavior modification by occult scam may actually intersect with the overshadowing intentions of the negative Interdimensional Intelligence called by the Parsees "Lord Ahriman". It is by this shadowy means that certain criminal endeavors take on enhanced metaphysical "significance" in the mind of the participants.

Part II: Steve Greer's "UFO" Cancer

- or -

There Must Be Some Kinda Way Outta Here
Said the Joker to the Thief

The occurrence of cancer in a significant number of "UFO investigators" should be examined with reference to possible causes other than political espionage. Obviously, the same co- operation between bacteria and/or viral organisms and "fairie" Intelligence which can spoil milk and/or cause a mild "synchronicity flu" [i.e. an interdimensionally-engineered "flu" which serves to change scheduling or otherwise alter one's predetermined plans for strategic paranormal reasons -B:.B:.] can -- in a more diabolic context -- cause cancers, tuberculosis or other malfunctions of the energy-balancing system of the body.


The bizarre death of ufologist Jerold "Ron" Johnson while watching a presentation at the Society For Scientific Exploration on June 9, 1994 in Austin, Texas may link to clandestine activities by negative occult practitioners with an interest in "think tank" activities in the Southwest.

Johnson, prior to his death from a sudden, medically "unexplained" nosebleed during a slide presentation in a darkened lecture room, had been recently employed by Earth Tech, Inc., a privately-funded "think tank" in Austin headed by Harold Puthoff, Ph.D. Previous to undertaking this new job in the Spring of 1994, Johnson had operated as a government-connected consultant, making frequent trips between San Antonio and White Sands on military matters.

Note: in all fairness here, this "exploding head" myth has made the rounds for literally years now in UFOlogical circles, many attributing it to a tactical microwave assault or some form of black magick. However, despite the insidious tendency towards exaggeration so rampant in this odd field, often the true story turns out to be far more mundane and prosaic. In this particular case, for example, an individual who was present at time -- and also a friend of Johnson's -- described the event as a simple heart attack (later verified in an autopsy performed by an immensely capable pathologist) brought on by a very mundane virus which had weakened a heart muscle over a period of time. Genetically predisposed to such viral susceptibility, his brother had lost hearing in one ear as a result of a childhood virus as well. And though some bleeding resulted when he bit his tongue during the attack (not uncommon at all), it issued not from his nose, as many of the lurid tales have described, but from his mouth. Additionally, this source -- who was certainly in a position to know such things -- remarked that Ron was "not involved in anything of such importance that someone would want to do him harm."

Still, the mundane aspects of this particular event do not necessarily invalidate such possibilities occurring elsewhere as Macer-Story alludes to in her discourse; evidenced by CIA-scholar Jim Schnabel's seminal work Remote Viewers: The Secret History of America's Psychic Spies, 1997, Dell):

Of this practice, Schnabel remarks that Tibetan chi gong masters had demonstrated their magickal prowess by causing a human skull to be broken from a few yards away simply by concentrating on it, small animals up to a mile away were killed by stopping their hearts, "detrimental psi particles" were sent to foreign politicians, people were caused to fall off of streetcars, and hexes were placed on souvenirs causing them to "emit debilitating rays, almost as if they had been impregnated with radioactive material" and causing their owners to suffer tachycardia, neuralgia, depression, and even nervous breakdowns. Even the consummate skeptic Schnabel was forced to proclaim, "It was black magic, pure and simple, cloaked in the gray vernacular of psi particles and psi radiation and transmission and reception."

Further, the world-reknowned psychic Uri Geller has mentioned he was approached by the CIA and asked to stop the heart of a pig via his psychic giftings. He declined, however, stating not only that he was against this sort of thing but that the intelligence(s) behind his powers would certainly not approve of such a thing.

We commend Brother Uri on his wise choice.

The mysterious death of UFO contactee Brian Lynch ten years ago in connection with clandestine activities on Long Island may also relate to covert experimentation with techniques of sorcery by persons who are either under "black world" government contract or are impersonating government employees. It is a matter of record that Lynch, during the year which preceded his being found dead in a warehouse, had been approached by "para-military" individuals who came to his house and were represented to the family as being from a "think tank" situation in Texas specializing in use of ESP and mind control techniques for warfare and espionage.

Perhaps these two individuals were "snuffed" for reasons which had more to do with conventional espionage than specifically UFO- related matters. Brian Lynch had reported controversial aspects of a military contracting job to his superiors several years before his death.

But the fact that both individuals displayed an interest in "UFO research" and that both had actually been employed under contract to U.S. military projects causes the fact that both had also been approached by "UFO & psi related think tanks" in Texas to become a matter of importance. Of course, there is no reason to assume that the alleged "think tank" described by paramilitary people on Long Island was actually the overt "Earth Tech" located in Austin, Texas.

One significant aspect of the puzzle is that Brian Lynch had been interested in demonology prior to his UFO sighting, a corroborated event witnessed by a work crew, and that he had told his family that he had found a "black magick" book during his youthful explorations of the Long Island party scene.

Is there any direct connection between the Johnson and Lynch deaths in terms of conventional "espionage"? Or are we dealing with a truly "paranormal" or "supernatural" patterning which is jinxing the activities of UFO researchers in Texas and elsewhere? If this "jinx" involves the extraordinary, deliberate use of "mind over matter" or "hexing", which political and/or corporate interest group is generating the "jinx"?

Both the mainland Chinese and Russia and the Baltic countries of the former USSR, as well as the USA, have done research into the effectiveness of directing behavior and bodily functions by the use of remotely-placed telepathic practitioners but the ability to cause bodily harm by intentional (or unintentional) negative thinking has been around from time immemorial as the "evil eye" or "jinx". Author John Keel has discerned that here is a "jinx" which seems to have come with a sole focus on the UFO research territory.

A macabre fact is that both naturalist Ivan T. Sanderson, who wrote the book Invisible Residents and did significant research on UFO "hot spot" areas and Dr. J. Allen Hynek, the astronomer who founded the Center For UFO Studies died of brain cancer. There are other prominent "flying saucer" researchers who have also suffered ill health. The Lorenzen family, once in charge of the Aerial Phenomena Research Association, each perished as the result of a variety of unusual afflictions.

Perhaps the high incidence of serious illness among UFO researchers is due to the failure to take adequate precautions when directly approaching subject matter of "high strangeness". The interviewing of witnesses with recent traumatic experiences which affect ordinary mental functioning should be done with common sense and protection against what Dr. Wilhelm Reich called "Destructive Orgone Energy" (DOR).

If, as has been claimed, certain "aliens" and/or intelligence agencies are practicing negative telepathy, spell-casting and/or destructive radionics to block public knowledge of certain controversial aspects of Advanced Science, then these nefarious mental activities can only be successfully blocked by positive mental hygiene which takes into account all possible levels of clever aggression, including telepathy and destructive sorcery.

But "ufologists," though they are aware that they may deal with multidimensional events, are often strangely unaware that the "research" ground they traverse has been familiar territory to sorcerers and adepts for many centuries.

An East Coast UFO buff who attended the Dr. Steven M. Greer seminar in Crestone, Colorado during the Spring of 1996 reported that the group assembled in an open field and attempted to signal to UFO craft using flashing lights. Subsequent to this group exercise in communication, small orange lights about the size of a planet were seen to move laterally in the night sky. According to the witness who had traveled to this event from New York State, these appeared to be distant, solid light sources rather than fog-like reflective manifestations.

Certain natural questions arise about these lights which responded to deliberate mental and physical signaling. Are they "spirit lights"? Or are they aerial phenomena similar to the UFO lights seen to form patterns in the sky near Hessdalen, Norway during the 1980's? OR is somebody pulling the leg of Greer's assembled UFO conjurers by exhibiting electrical plasma under remote directional control?

Actually, the possibility of remote control of electrical plasma formations has not been discussed in UFO literature recently. There were several books including discussion of this subject in the late 1940's and '50's by Phillip Klass and other skeptics of the "extraterrestrial" hypothesis. Since that time, as "UFO" sightings continue to proliferate globally, articulation of the "skeptical" point of view has become less scientifically measured and more arbitrarily emotional.

However, the remote control of electromagnetic fields is quite possible for various purposes, including radar cloaking and offensive jamming of equipment. If skilled technicians with a warped sense of humor wanted to put on a robotics light show for Greer's assembled idealists, they could easily do so.

A short announcement and solicitation for funds dispatched from Dr. Greer's organization CSETI (The Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence) in September of 1997 contained the extraordinary news that both Steven M. Greer of Asheville, North Carolina and his research colleague Shari Adamiak of Denver, Colorado "have been diagnosed with metastatic cancer".

The following statement about CSETI research work appeared in this same brochure:

"Critical to this process is the proper documentation of official government and military witness testimony from around the world. The importance of this cannot be over stated. We have identified well over a hundred military and government witnesses (to UFO phenomena), many of whom are elderly and in poor health. It is critical that these heroic witnesses be properly interviewed, audio-taped and video-taped for posterity, and for near-term public disclosure. Such testimony will be used for documentation, books and educational materials which will establish the reality of the subject in a way never before possible. To accomplish this, we need to raise sufficient funds..."

...and so on.

As is manifest in this quotation from their brochure, the unfortunate cancer of these two researchers is accompanied by a statement showing clear cut "ego inflation" of the sort adepts in sorcery and behavior modification know to be the symptom of erosion of reason by a sinister force. Whether this way of thinking was inducted deliberately by an "agent" seeking to destroy their endeavors by inducting delusions of grandeur or by an Interdimensional Intelligence using telepathic means to accomplish the same result, the end product is an act of "hubris." Clearly, it is an illusion that taping and otherwise recording interviews will -- in an era of instant global telephone interconnection and inexpensive recording devices -- require tens of thousands of dollars.


As reported in the voodoo diaries of William Seabrook cited in discussion of the obsessing djinn-like spirit entity and more recently in the "Chupacabra Diaries" of Scott Corales, the ability of voodoo sorcerors to affect the physical and mental health of their targets by employing spirit conjurations is well known by people close to these activities. Therefore, the idea that "UFO intelligences" may cause cancer or other infirmities in the persons attempting naively to "investigate" them by summoning these powerful spirit personalities to a mountain field by flashing battery powered lights on and off in unison is not actually outlandish.

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Excerpt from:

The Dark Frontier
1997 by Eugenia Macer-Story
Magick Mirror Communications, NY
ISBN 1-879980-08-8 (212) 727-0002