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NASA PathFinder Mission: The images NASA doesn't want you to see.  
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Around 6 months ago NASA launched the "Pathfinder" mission to Mars.  The ship, carrying a small remotely controlled rover vehicle, landed a few hours ago.  The small rover was deployed to unknown terrain and a martian atmosphere to photograph and take samples from rocks, helping us understand more about the mysterious "red planet".  What was found was a lot more than originally expected.
Images of the martian landscape were downloaded from the rover and shown to millions of TV viewers and internet surfers.  Some of the preliminary images shown on this page seems to contain evidence of dome-like structures.  Many believe that life cannot exist on the surface of Mars, due to the terrible weather conditions and lack of oxygen, almost impossible for anything to survive on.  This may not be the case.

I do not wish to reveal where, who or how I obtained these images so please do not ask.

The structures shown on the images below do not appear on the images available to the public but this could have easily been the product of some clever image touch-up techniques.

Left shows one of the actual images released to the public domain. The black grid squares are supposedly where the multiple camera images range of view ends, these may just be crop marks made before publication of the images.  The bottom of one of the structures can  just be seen, almost out of view.  Click here for a zoom of the picture. 

The picture to the left shows some dome-like structures some distance from the pathfinder rover.  By the look of the placement of the domes they may only be a few feet tall, or this may just be an optical illusion.
Click here for a zoom of the picture. 

Any more recovered images will be displayed here.
UPDATE: More images have been received and will be uploaded to this page as soon as is possible!

NEW: This image shows something in the far background of one of the rover images.  The rover camera is not as good quality as the others but something can be made out in the background.  It is not very detailed and could be mistaken for a shadow or trick of the light but it has been described it as a figure.  This may just be the high-gain antenna from the rover base but I do not think this is the correct position for it to be in.
Click Here for a zoom of the image 

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