DARKFEAST Rehearsal 1990
And again a dark, morbid and evil outfit hailing from Finland. Formed in the winter 90, the band sent me an older rehearsal tape including 4 tracks + in and outro. As it is a rehearsal, the sound isn't very good but if you put the volume a bit higher you can make out enough to form yourself an idea about this BlackDeath band. The songs are partly fast with larger slower part. The material comes out very well, even if they are very much distorted due to the above mentioned reason. The vocals are very evil aswell and growls like coming immediately out from Hell. In fact, this material is better than I expected, so would I affirm that you should write to DARKFEAST. (FINAL HOLOCAUST zine #6 1991)

BARATHRUM - Witchmaster - demo 1991
BARATHRUM from Finland are definitely one of my favourite nightmares!!! They play sludgey Black Doom Metal that kills! During the months of October andNovember 1991 BARATHRUM recorded their debut demo WITCHMASTER. It contains 7 songs of sick, evil Black Metal. There are also some creepy intros here and there that are pretty cool too.
BARATHRUM's shows are said to be totally frenzied, dealing with fire and darkness. Along with a Fire Show & Fireblowing! Scary Music! (ABYSMAL DESOLATION zine #3 1992)

BARATHRUM - Battlecry - demo 1992
Sadistically picking up where they left off is the second BARATHRUM demo. As bestial and Satanic as the first one comes this next gruesome offering. Still the same gurling fright of DEMONOS's voice with a touch of little horror effect here and there. This is a fine splatter of their mid paced Black holocaust. There is non of that "cyber" stuff here, althogh the guitars do have more of a grinding blackness on them. No other way to put it. Mastication of the christian fetus. Horrendous after spew of the virginsbirth. This is fucking wickkkedd shit! Songs are "Epilogue", "Sacrilegium", "Nocturnal Dance", "Justice of the shining Steel", "Battlecry"/"War- Outro". There is even a spew of speed here and there, to highten climatic sacrifice that should take place when you are listening to this..DEMONOS himself is a fucking paragon to a pagan warrior, as his pictures will show..(WHERESMYSIN zine #3 1992)

BARATHRUM - Sanctissime Colere Satanas - 1993
This is Suomi-Finlands only real B.M band, I have heard. I wasn't impressed with their demo, but this tape cahanged my minddramatically.. This is DARK avantgarde Black Metal.. , If you want a comparison, try NECROMANTIA's promo tape..; This is just as Dark.., The voc's are mixed down low and give a truly chilling feel. This stuff will be released as a split LP with a unknown band. That's a pity, this should be released as a normal LP. Suomi-Finland has been far too long without a real B.M band ..But now they have BARATHRUM.....(WARHAMMER zine #2 1993)

BARATHRUM - Sanctus Satanas - Studio & Stage cassette 1993
This is the last demo from BARATHRUM released prior to signing NAZGUL'S EYRIE PRODUCTIONS. This tape consists of a studio side and a live side..a cool way to show case ones band.. The studio side consists of Ultra Destructive BlackDeath Metal in BARATHRUM's unique style perhaps not as avangarde as the stuff on SANCTISSIME COLERE SATANAS but Raw and Destructive all the same. The live side suffers slightly from a bad recording, but BARATHRUM is Destructive live aswell.. True Deathmetal in the unaccessable to the mainstream, vein.. Those who like their Deathmetal EXTREME and JetBlack shouldn't miss this release.. No compromises to thrashers or others of their like.(WARHAMMER zine #6 1995)

BARATHRUM - Hailstorm - CD 1995 (YABB)
60 min. Extremely violent and brutal Black Metal from Finland. Consisting of three bassplayer and drummer using human bones.... VERY unique and definetly NOT for wimps...

BARATHRUM - Eerie - CD 1995 (YABB)
65 min. This album makes Black Metal history! Again the boundaries satanic art are widened. If you want to experience something REAL, try this if you dare!!!
Other review of "Eerie".

BARATHRUM - Infernal - CD 1996 (YABB)
66 min. The most destructive Metal album ever. While even more traditional in their basics, they create a sound not from this world. The true soundtrack to Hell!!!