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Fragile Allegiance
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"The graphics and gameplay are astoundingly good" - CGW

"A wonderful example of how to make a great game easy to play" - PC HOME

"Everything you could wish for in a strategy game" - C&VG

The Interactive Preview Is Here!
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The Alien Encounter
* Fragile Allegiance takes space strategy simulation to new heights with its in-depth and addictive real-time gameplay. A wide variety of missions, combat scenarios and highly advanced artificial intelligence will challenge strategy gamers of all levels.
* In the year 2380, Sector K240 was made available for colonization by Tetracorp. The Empire must expand, and it's the player's job to colonize the asteroids and save the Empire from financial and political ruin.
* However, recent disturbing events have come to light: a number of scout spacecraft have mysteriously disappeared. With the threat of alien invasion, the only chance for survival is to explore, expand, quell any possible invasion and secure the Empire's future.
*Real-time discovery and cultivation of new worlds
*Six different intelligent alien races
*Full-motion video and speech
*SVGA graphics and Explosive sound effects
*Detailed planetary animation and Combat scenarios
*Beautifully rendered 3-D environment
*Micro- or Macro-management options so players of all levels can compete against each other

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Licensed from and developed by Gremlin Interactive, Fragile Allegiance supports single- and multi-player play. Up to four players can form alliances against aliens or compete amongst themselves. An in-game e-mail system allows players to communicate with their opponents.

* Fragile Allegiance is available on CD-ROM from Interplay for MS-DOS based PCs.

The Preview Is Here!

To install the preview:

1.Download the preview - Fragile Allegiance Demo (With Sound) (22MB)
or Fragile Allegiance Demo (W/O Sound) (10MB)
2.Move the file to your C:\TEMP directory or create a directory of your choice
3.Extract the files with "PKUNZIP FADEMO2.ZIP -d" (or fademo3.zip)
4.Run the Install program and select the sound settings for your system
5.Run fragile.exe or Win95run to start the game

Check out Gremlin's Fragile Site!

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