Welcome to the home of the Australian Fantasy Football Association or AFFA for short. The AFFA was formed in 1996 thanks largely to the league commissioners of the four fantasy football leagues run on the Internet. These three gentlemen realized that an organizing body was necessary in order to provide guidance for any disputes or questions that may occur in the running of these leagues.

The founders, and current members of the AFFA can be found on our members page.

The Role of the AFFA

The AFFA has a number of different duties. Some of these tasks include :

  1. That all trades are fair and equitable for all parties involved
  2. Any disputes regarding rules are treated fairly
  3. To help others who wish to start up their own Fantasy competitions
For full details of the Role and duties of the AFFA check out our constitution

Like to Play?

If you would like to get involved in fantasy football and would love to get a team you will have to put your name on our Waiting List

Some other AFFA information pages

Latest Injury List - (Updated every Wednesday)

Latest Ins and Outs for weekends games - (updated every Friday)

Affiliated Fantasy Football Competitions

A list of Current AFL players by AFL Team

Quite a few player pics (Let us know of others to add)

Contact Information

If you wish to form your own fantasy league or wish to have your name placed on the waiting list to play fantasy football either Rob, Andrew or Paul would be glad to hear from you.

Paul Johnston lives in Perth, Western Australia and can be contacted by phone on
(09) 443 8973 or via e-mail johno@iinet.net.au
Robert Birks lives in Moe, Victoria and can be contacted by phone on
051 272 798 or via e-mail robert.birks@moe.monash.edu.au
Andrew LeFevre lives in Canberra and can be contacted by phone on
(06) 242 8510 or (06) 279 8019 or via e-mail andrew@fantasysportz.com.au
Alternatively you can fill in our nice pretty form

Send mail to affa@ozemail.com.au with questions or comments about this web site.
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