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Bluered.gif (1701 bytes) Final Offer Arbitration - January 14, 1999

Bluered.gif (1701 bytes) Ministerial Pilotage Review - Pilotage Issues Discussion Paper - January 4, 1999

Bluered.gif (1701 bytes) Phase II Report of the Grain Handling and Transportation System Review - December 30, 1998


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The Canadian Transportation Agency

../images/bluered.gif (1701 bytes) Chairman and Members

../images/bluered.gif (1701 bytes) Mission Statement

../images/bluered.gif (1701 bytes) How to contact the CTA

../images/bluered.gif (1701 bytes) The Canadian Transportation Agency List of Arbitrators

../images/bluered.gif (1701 bytes) Rail Infrastructure Directorate


../images/bluered.gif (1701 bytes) Decisions

../images/bluered.gif (1701 bytes) Orders

  • 1999 Canadian Transportation Agency Orders
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  • 1996 Canadian Transportation Agency Orders from July to December
  • 1996 National Transportation Agency Orders from January to June
  • 1995 National Transportation Agency Orders

Publications and Reports

../images/bluered.gif (1701 bytes) Canadian Transportation Agency Performance Report for the Period Ending March 31, 1998

../images/bluered.gif (1701 bytes) A Report on Plans and Priorities

../images/bluered.gif (1701 bytes) Canadian Transportation Agency Performance Report for the Period Ending March 31, 1997

../images/bluered.gif (1701 bytes) 1997 Annual Report

../images/bluered.gif (1701 bytes) The Annual Report Survey

../images/bluered.gif (1701 bytes) 1996 First Annual Report - Setting a new course

../images/bluered.gif (1701 bytes) Air transportation

../images/bluered.gif (1701 bytes) Rail and marine transportation

Accessible Transportation

../images/bluered.gif (1701 bytes) A Guide for Persons with Disabilities - Taking Charge of the Air Travel Experience

../images/bluered.gif (1701 bytes) Moving Ahead special Issue 1998

../images/bluered.gif (1701 bytes) Communication Barrier
Summary report
A Look at Barriers to Communication Facing Persons with Disabilities Who Travel by Air

../images/bluered.gif (1701 bytes) Code of Practice : Aircraft Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities

../images/bluered.gif (1701 bytes) Code of Practice : Passenger Rail Car Accessibility and Terms and Conditions of  Carriage by Rail of Persons with Disabilities

../images/bluered.gif (1701 bytes)Improving Access for Travellers with Disabilities

../images/bluered.gif (1701 bytes)Highlights of Proposed Amendments to the Air Transportation Regulations

../images/bluered.gif (1701 bytes) Air Travel Accessibility Regulations

../images/bluered.gif (1701 bytes) Accessibility Complaint Guide

Acts and Regulations

../images/bluered.gif (1701 bytes) General information

../images/bluered.gif (1701 bytes) Other information


../images/bluered.gif (1701 bytes) Transport Canada

../images/bluered.gif (1701 bytes) Transportation Safety Board of Canada

../images/bluered.gif (1701 bytes) Department of Justice Canada

../images/bluered.gif (1701 bytes) Government of Canada

../images/bluered.gif (1701 bytes) Air Transportation

../images/bluered.gif (1701 bytes) Marine Transportation

../images/bluered.gif (1701 bytes) Rail Transportation

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