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at NTT Musashino R&D Center.
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Seamless Sound-effect Space (Ecoh Cancellation/ Microphone Array)
Research of necessary techniques to create seamless sound-effect environment, sound echo cancellation and microphone array are examples of its systematical study which utilizes this technique.

Audio Service : Origin of Twin VQ method
Audio service can be accquired on the ISDN and the internet with compression software which compresses the original tone by less than 1/12 without loosing realistic atomsphere.

Voice mail system
A convenient voice mail system is accomplished without any special hardware installed in your PC by high compression of voice.

Speech recognition Technique
Speech recognition technique is the technique to understand what people say. Here we introduce our research of a speech recognition engine known as the REX.

Speech Synthesis Technique
Speech synthesis is the technique to produce human voice from a machine. Here we introduce our research of speech synthesis known as the FLUET system.

Infrastructure of informational communication for SOHO
For the future of SOHO (Small Office Home Office), we are researching the computer telephony which resolves the current phone system's concerns by integrating the computer with the telephone.

Telephone system controlled by voice
"Mail-like telephone system" in a word. This speech recognition technology boasts its high cost performance and treats you like the movie "Aladin." Order to dial or receive calles by your voice.

Seamless Voice Communication environment
We have developed hand-free communication for a noisy environment with an ultra compact unit which integrates the phone receiver with the phone body. We have also developed a communication system by using a headset-like audio stabilizing technique.

Wristwatch-type PHS Telephone
A prototype of a wristwatch-type ultra compact PHS telephone was created with fewer control buttons by designing a "voice dialing function" to which the speech recognition technique is applied.
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