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Connectathon `99

March 4th - 11th, 1999

San Jose Convention and Cultural Facilities
Parkside Hall
San Jose, California

(Next door to the new Tech Museum)

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What is Connectathon ?

In 1986, Sun Microsystems sponsored the first ConnectathonTM event, a unique forum for testing software and hardware interoperability. Connectathon is a network proving ground allowing vendors to test their interoperability solutions, with special emphasis on NFSTM and Internet protocols.

Over the years, the vendor-neutral Connectathon has attracted a large number of development engineers from all major computer systems companies and a wide variety of software vendors. All have the common goal of making heterogeneous multivendor networking a reality. Now plans are being drawn to celebrate Connectathon's 13th year.

Connectathon is an excellent opportunity for vendors to verify that their distributed computing software interoperates with a wide range of client/server implementations on different operating systems. Everything from laptops to supercomputers can be linked together under one roof, encouraging interaction among vendors, engineers and developers in a confidential atmosphere. Implementations are tested and debugged at Connectathon. There are panel discussions as well as open sessions on the latest developments in technologies and solutions by Connectathon participants.

Connectathon is a place where engineers can gather without marketing hype and can exchange ideas and information.

Now plans are being drawn to celebrate Connectathon's 13th year. At Connectathon 99 we are expanding testing to include Y2K compatibility as well as Gigabit Ethernet based on vendor interest.


What is New for 99 ?

Plans for the thirteenth annual Connectathon in San Jose, California are under way. Here are some early details:


Connectathon 99 Technologies

The Connectathon 99 technologies offered for testing are listed below along with their test coordinator and Email address. Those with a TBD coordinator are still being considered for testing and may be added if there is enough interest.

Note: The test suites available for download are those that were used for Connectathon `98. Some of these test suites will be updated prior to Connectathon `99. Contact the coordinator for information about the availability of updated test suites.

NFS versions 2 and 3
& Lock Manager
Mike Kupfer and Rob Thurlow nfstests
NFS Version 4 Spencer Shepler (no tests yet)
WebNFS Agnes Jacob Test Suite
NIS/NIS+ Anup Sekhar nisplustests
TI-RPC Devesh Shah tirpc.tar.Z
Kerberos Mike Saltz kerberos.tar.Z
Automounter Theresa Lingutla-Raj autotests.tar.Z
IPv6 Bill Lenharth Tests
DHCP Mike Carney dhcp_tests.tar.Z
Network Computers Steve Drach The Open Group tests
available at Connectathon
LDAP Ludovic Poitou tests
Service Location
Charles Perkins Test Suites
ATM Ed Von Adelung (no tests)
Gigabit Ethernet Mohan Srinivasan (no tests)
Y2K Compatibility TBD (no tests yet)
Fiber Channel TBD (no tests)

Technology testing coordinators will moderate the testing processes of a specific technology. If you are interested in moderating the testing of a technology, or would simply like to see a technology listed above be included for testing, please send mail to


Connectathon Network Information

Connectathon '99's network is a 10/100baseT network, with a full complement of hubs, switches, and routers that allow any-to-any, any-to-many, or point-to-point connections.

(For Connectathon veterans, please note we will no longer provide converter to 10base2 or AUI. Please remember to bring your own converter.)

Each drop in every booth is a home run to a large patch panel in the Network Operations Center (NOC). Design goals call for a test suite server for every six booths. Each test server contains the test suites (hence its name) for all protocols being tested. In addition, each server has a floor map that allows for ease in locating other participants.

At a minimum, RIP will be supported on the network, with DNS, NIS+, and NIS running throughout.

Diagnostic equipment will be provided to aid in protocol troubleshooting. Although not directly connected to the Internet, access to external web servers is permitted from the Connectathon network, via an ISDN line. The NOC will be staffed during regular business hours.

If you have further questions, please send e-mail to


Connectathon Hotel Information

A limited number of rooms are being held for Connectathon 99 registrants only until February 17, 1999. To receive a special discounted rate at the hotel below, just mention that you will be attending Sun Microsystems' Connectathon and make your reservations quickly. Rooms are being held on a first-come basis.
Crowne Plaza
Downtown San Jose
(408) 998 0400

The Crowne Plaza (formerly Holiday Inn) is adjacent to Parkside Hall.


Connectathon `98 Participants

3Com Corporation

American Internet Corporation

Apple Computer, Inc.

Attachmate Corporation

Auspex Systems, Inc.

Axis Communications AB

Bay Networks, Inc.

Berkeley Software Design, Inc.

Creative Design Solutions Inc.

Digital Equipment Corporation

EMC Corporation

Epicon Inc.

Frontier Technologies Corporation

FTP Software, Inc.

Hewlett Packard Company

Hummingbird Communications

IBM Corporation

IBM Corporation - Austin, TX

Intergraph Corporation


Lotus/Iris Associates

Lucent Technologies, Inc.

Matsushita Graphic Communications Systems, Inc.

Mentat Inc.

Microsoft Corporation

NEC Corporation

Netmanage, Inc.

Network Appliance, Inc

Network Computer, Inc

Novell, Inc

One Click Systems

Oracle Corporation

Process Software Corporation

Quadritek Systems, Inc.

SCO (The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc.)

Silicon Graphics, Inc.

Silicon Graphics, GmbH.

Spring Design, Inc.

Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Traakan Software

Unitree Software, Inc.

The University of New Hampshire

WRQ, Inc.


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