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Database America City Surf

On the above sites, I did development in CGI w/Perl, Java, and HTML. I also did C++ NSAPI (NT and UNIX) development for Chase while working at Poppe Tyson Interactive. I also did C++ database development for Oracle and Sybase databases utilizing RogueWave and ObjectSpace libraries for ING Barings. I am currently a JavaScript/Sybase developer at The Kwasha Lipton Group of Coopers & Lybrand.


NoiseWeb Cafe Soundz

These are music sites that I have developed for various artists, I was responsible for all or most of the HTML, CGI, Java, design, data and graphics. Fabrik has the standard scrolling applet, several sound applets, and more to come. It also has CGI's in Perl for searching, chat, posting messages, links, and feedback. I have recently rewrote many of the CGI programs in C++ utilizing STL and the mSQL API

School Work

CMPT 586 College Program (no longer online) CMPT 594 CMPT 592 CMPT-585-02: Object-Oriented Database (in-progress)

CMPT 586 was a graduate class in File Processing and Database Systems. I have my notes online as well as a search engine. My college program is a search engine written in ANSI "C" with an HTML interface. It builds and uses it's own indexing method.

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