Multi User System Security


MultiUser allows you to create a *IX-like environment where several users live together in harmony, unable to delete each others files, unable to read those private love-letters of other users. And this even if several users are working on the machine at the same time (on a terminal hooked up to the serial port)

People without a valid login ID and password won't be able to access files you have made private with MultiUser. If you make all files private (not readable for others), the only useful thing they could do, is boot from a floppy.



MultiUser Release 1.8 is distributed in 3 archives:
  1. MultiUser18bin.lha: Basic MultiUser package (you really need this!)
  2. MultiUser18api.lha: Include files, autodoc, etc...
  3. MultiUser18src.lha: Source for the library and support commands
There is no new distribution of the external utilities; use the archive from the 1.7 release: For more information about MultiUser (disclaimer, distributability, usage, etc...), read the documentation file `MultiUser.doc' in the archive `MultiUser18_bin.lha'.

How To Get It...

Via anonymous FTP from any Aminet site (e.g.,, in the /pub/aminet/util/misc directory.

Additional Note

Release 1.8 was compiled by Norbert Püschel ( with permission from Geert Uytterhoeven.

The future of MultiUser

Due to my limited time I stopped the MultiUser project in January 1995. This was a very hard decision...

Fortunately Pavel Troller ( and Martin Mares ( took over the project (thank you very much!). And Norbert Püschel ( is still working on it also. Thus, wait and see...

[End 1996]
MultiUser seems to be completely dead by now. But please consider Linux/m68k if you want more security on your Amiga!
The remainings of MultiUser are now under the GNU General Public
The saga continues...

MultiUser Copyright 1993-1994 by Geert Uytterhoeven

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