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The following courses are actively using

Spring '99:

American Studies 214b
American Studies 328b
Anthropology 500b
Chemical Engineering 211b
Chemical Engineering 301b
Chemistry 221b
Computer Science 112b
Economics 115b
Economics 116b
Economics 154-1b
Economics 460b
Economics 465b
Economics 730b
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology 122b
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology 228b
Electrical Engineering 101b
Electrical Engineering 397b
Engineering & Applied Science 110b
English 118-12b
English 298b
English 450-1b
Forestry & Environment Studies 766b
Forestry & Environment Studies 876b
French 138-1b
German 263b
History 232b
History 325b
History 406b
History 463b
History of Art 200b
History of Art 211b
History of Art 222b
History of Art 454b
Humanities 100b
Mathematics 120b
Molecular Cellular & Dev Biol 110b
Molecular Cellular & Dev Biol 205b
Molecular Cellular & Dev Biol 240b
Mechanical Engineering 363b
Near Eastern Langs & Civs 160b
Philosophy 266b
Political Science 151b
Political Science 155b
Political Science 360b
Political Science 421b
Political Science 422b
Political Science 422b
Political Science 428b
Psychology 156b
Psychology 236b
Psychology 418b
Psychology 445b
Religious Studies 117b
Religious Studies 120b
Sociology 347b
Ukrainian 115b
Ukrainian 240b

Fall '98:

American Studies 212a
American Studies 751a
Chemistry 118a
Chemistry 125a
Chinese 115-1a
Chinese 120a
Classical Civilization 114a
Computer Science 421a
Computer Science 467a
The DeVane Lecture Course 194a
Economics 251a
Economics 453a
Economics 467a
Engineering & Applied Science 630a
Engineering & Applied Science 995a
English 115-10a
English 115-11a
Forestry & Environment Studies 542a
Forestry & Environment Studies 711a
German 115-1a
German 115-4a
German 130-2a
German 130a
History 231a
History of Art 213a
History of Art 345a
Linguistics 120a
Molecular Biophysics & Biochem 360a
Molecular Cellular & Dev Biol 201a
Molecular Cellular & Dev Biol 360a
Music Department 316a
Political Science 513a
Psychology 200a
Spanish 115-3a
Spanish 220a
Spanish 221a
Spanish 246a
Statistics 241a

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