Lepidoptera = Latin name for butterflies and moths.

"lepido" = scales
"ptera" = wing or scaly wing

Butterflies and moths - second largest order of insects Over 100,000 known species Thousands still undescribed.

Butterflies live on every continent, wherever insect life is reported, --even at 20,000 feet in the Himalayas.

The wings of butterflies and moths are fabricated like shingles and contain pigment. The colours on a butterfly are created by this dust like pigment on the scales. The scales are marvelously designed, light, and are hollow. Where scales are lacking, the wings are transparent.

The North American Monarch butterfly's taste is more than 2,000 times as sensitive as the human tongue.

Not all butterflies live on nectar. Some are attracted to rotting fruits and a few prefer the flesh of dead animals.

Lepidoptera have two large compound eyes and are capable of full-colour, diorama sight.