build a scratching post


kiki and his post

I built this scratching post about 8 years ago, which gets used so much I've had to replace the carpet 4 or 5 times since.
The trick is to make the post evenly balanced on top and bottom so that it does not tip when used, because felines hate unstable platforms and as a result the post will be avoided like a dog...

It just happens Kiki likes to sit on the top and munch his catnip, but only there. When the catnip comes out, he immediately runs to his post telling me to hurry up, "I need it." Kiki, who likes his claws where they are, has never used any of the furniture for sharpening purposes.

I've always used a good quality carpet remnant, (stain release type) for the post, so it doesn't need replacing for about 2 years, and it won't shred easily.

Simple materials and construction

  • (#1) 1 piece 18"x22"x3/4" or 5/8" plywood
  • (#2) 1 piece 4"x4"x24" fence post (any type of wood)
  • (#3) 1 piece 18"x24"x3/4" plywood
  • (#4) 2 pieces 1"x3"x24" pine
  • (#5) 10 3" x #8 wood screws (5 for top, 5 for bottom)
  • (#6) 7-1/4" in from edge of bottom platform (5-1/4" in for top)
  • (#7) 3-1/2" in from back edge of bottom platform (same for top)
  • (#8)10 1-1/4" x #6 wood screws (5 each side, evenly spaced)

drawing of the post

Click to enlarge

You will need these tools:

Drill with bits

Wood glue

Appropriate screwdriver

Staple gun (I use the long staples)

Sharp utility knife for cutting carpet

Pencil or marker for carpet lines

Assemble as in drawing, gluing all screwed together surfaces. Cover all exposed wood with carpet and staple in place.

Approximate carpet sizes:

Top: 28"w x 36"d

Post: 24" h x 18" w

Bottom: 36" w x 36" w

In total, approximately 3 square yards of carpet and about 2 - 3 hours to construct.


If you have problems, please email me I'll be happy to help.

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