Leadership Is Common Sense
In the style of a home-spun story, Herman Cain weaves a back-to-basics guide with inspiring anecdotes and proven strategies.  Leadership Is Common Sense addresses leadership problems in America today and the need for managers and employees to become better leaders within their organizations and their communities.  It provides the reader with the necessary tools to address similar problems.  Cain, Chairman of the Board of Godfather's Pizza, Inc., also shares an in-depth account of Godfather's Pizza return from declining sales to profitability.  Through this experience, the author demonstrates his invaluable leadership strategies.  He discusses the three qualities a leader must possess:
  • Ability to recognize that people must motivate themselves.
  • Ability to take risks and make tough decisions.
  • Ability to block out the unnecessary and focus on the necessary.

And, he talks about the three critical things a leader must do:

  • Remove barriers which prevent people from being self-motivated.
  • Initiate action based on decisions made, solutions determined or direction established.
  • Inspire people with inner desire, passion and motivation to achieve results.

With infectious enthusiasm, Herman Cain demonstrates the value of having a dream with the motivation, determination and passion needed to achieve it.
BOOK: $25.95

Leadership Is Three Plus Three
video and audio tapes (based on his keynote "Leadership"  speech)
If you want to enhance your leadership position, dream of becoming a more effective leader, or are planning to start your own business, Leadership Is Three Plus Three will have a direct and immediate impact on your future.  Herman Cain discusses the three qualities a leader must possess and the three things a leader must do in order to inspire others.  He cuts to the heart of the issue with common sense, insight and humor. (VHS: 48 minutes, cassette: 45 minutes)

Save The "Frog"
video tape
What does American business have in common with the frog...?  More than you think!   In this informative and entertaining video tape, Herman Cain focuses on the increasing burden of too much governmental legislation, regulation and taxation on free enterprise in America.  Drawing on years of business experience and old-fashioned good humor, Cain uses dramatic illustrations to explain how we got into this current mess.  He explains what people and organizations can do to recapture the true meaning of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
Save the "Frog" is an indispensable resource for visionary business leaders and citizens who care about America's future. It will heighten your awareness of today’s bureaucratic swamp! (VHS: 26 minutes)
VIDEO TAPE: $99.95

Herman Cain’s Sunday Morning
inspirational music on CD
Sunday Morning has traditionally been a special time of peacefulness, prayerfulness and spiritual reflection.  It is precisely that "Sunday morning feeling" which inspired Herman Cain to record this collection of spiritual and gospel favorites and includes six special arrangements from Cain’s musical director, George Dawkins! (playing time: 60 minutes)
CD: $15.00 / AUDIO CASSETTE: $10.00

Success is a Journey
video and audio tapes
"Success Is A Journey" is the inspirational story of one man - and "every man!"  Herman Cain tells of a humble beginning and his subsequent rise to achieve an American dream in such an uplifting way that the viewer will surely be moved by his example... This series is indeed inspiring:  Cain offers no outline, save for the details of his own life. There are no specific steps here - just those moving ever forward, from one destination to another. And yet, throughout this videotaped account, a message of hope and determination prevails.
Touching on the importance of family, spirituality and perseverance, Herman Cain uses his gifts of captivating speech and humor to paint so vivid a portrait of achievement that his audience will absolutely believe that their American dream is still attainable!  Herman Cain has lived the message that "Success Is A Journey..." and not a destination! This is his story..

Happy Customers
video and audio tape
According to Herman Cain, threre is a very simple key to growing your business. You must ensure that your customers are happy! During this interesting and sometimes humorous presentation, Happy Customers, Cain identifies the three keys to happiness, because happy customers begin with happy people. Employees with positive attitudes ensure repeat business. Learn to identify and inspire a positive change in all of your people. Learn techniques that can mean a profitable difference for your bottom line. Empower people to fix problems and address complaints now. Herman Cain teaches from experience. He proves that little things truly can make a big difference and reinforces an important message about the power of "customer-to-customer" advertising. You will be amazed at how simple improvements can achieve so much for your business.
VIDEO TAPE: $99.95

Leader to Leader Seminar
A facilitated session following Cain’s principles for successful leadership.

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