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SuSE is the leading distribution of Linux in Europe. SuSE Linux has set new standards for quality and ease of use, offering the most comprehensive packages of Linux-based applications. SuSE's world-class customer services and support has made it the #1 choice for European businesses.

SuSE has recently placed new emphasis on its North American operations and its outreach to Asia, and is quickly gaining popularity among seasoned professionals and newcomers alike.


SuSE News

- Linux Office Suite 99 (incl. Applixware 4.4.1)

The complete office solution! This fast and reliable office package contains not only Applixware 4.4.1 but also a fax solution, the user-friendly desktop KDE, the image processing tool GIMP, ADABAS D Personal Edition (SQL database) and many other goodies.
Available at the attractive Linux price of $ 79.95.

Read also the press release.

- SuSE Linux 5.3 is shipping. We invite you to place your order today!

- Installation error in the earliest version of SuSE Linux 5.3.

If you are having problems with the installation of 5.3 on a clean system, click here for more information.

- Curious about the upcoming SuSE Linux 6.0? Click here for more information. SuSE Linux 6.0 (International/English Edition) will be available in North America sometime in early 1999.

Database systems on SuSE Linux

- Informix products on SuSE Linux! Download the products today and join Informix Linux Developer's Network.
- Oracle and S.u.S.E Linux! Visit the Oracle Technology Network and register for an Early Adopter Pre-Release Version of Oracle8 for SuSE Linux.

To run Oracle on SuSE Linux 5.3, please read our installation instructions.

- Sybase Adaptive Server for SuSE Linux now available - Register and download here.

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