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HotJavaTM Browser Product Family 
HotJava Browser 1.1.5 
HotJava HTML Component 
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The latest release of HotJava Browser is HotJava Browser 1.1.5.

In addition to our standard Solaris for SPARC, Windows NT, and Windows 95 versions, the HotJava Browser 1.1.5 release also includes a package for other platforms.

HotJavaTM Browser 1.1.5

A lightweight, highly customizable solution for OEMs and developers creating Web-enabled devices and applications. HotJava Browser's small footprint makes it an ideal, scalable solution for a variety of devices.

HotJavaTM HTML Component 1.1.2

The HotJava HTML Component is a JavaBeans component for displaying HTML. It supports today's Internet standards, including HTML 3.2 with Tables and Frames, plus HTTP 1.1--all in a small footprint that makes it an ideal, scalable solution for a wide range of devices.

By using the JavaBeans component architecture, developers can reuse the HotJava HTML Component across multiple applications and devices--without having to rewrite a single line of code. This enables developers to get their Internet and Intranet products to market quickly and cost-effectively.

Try it free for 30 days!

If you came to this page from the HotJava Browser 1.0 Release Notes link in the Help menu, please see the relocated page for HotJava Browser 1.0.

We strongly encourage you to upgrade from the 1.0 release to our latest release.


This page was updated: Tuesday, 27-Oct-1998 16:20:54 PST

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