Vampire Discussions Online?  Yes, you can find discussions going on every night on IRC.  What's IRC?  IRC stand for Internet Relay Chat.  If you don't have an IRC program you can download it here.

The discussions take place in four different channels on IRC.  First connect to DALnet by using the server or through your IRC program.  If both of these servers return the message unable to connect to IRC server, then just choose Random USA DALNET from the setup server pulldown menu.   The channels are for vampire related chats on IRC are:

#Real_Vampires           #psyvamp              #Saguinarius              #Bloodsuckers

]Chats and discussions with set topics take place at different times.  Most don't have pre-set scheduals, so just show up and see if anyone is there.  For more information about IRC and how to connect to the discussion channels, email me at

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