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This page is here for two purposes - to encourage you to join an anti bloodsports movement, but more importantly, to help and encourage you to develop an opinion on the issue of bloodsports, as well as helping people with their School & College Projects.

It is important that you have an opinion, but even more important that you can justify your views, not just to yourself but also to others. Don't form a basic opinion on little fact and refuse to change it - before joining The League Against Cruel Sports I thoroughly researched the subject - and I continue to do so. If I find that my opinion is built upon incorrect personal opinion, or lies then I will drop my campaign. However I have yet to find a lie from the League Against Cruel Sports , and I have yet to find a reason for my beliefs being wrong.

If you feel you can justify your opinion, why not come and debate on the usenet group " uk.politics.animals"


Now, whether you agree with bloodsports or not, I suggest you read through this site and make up your own mind on the subject. If an argument is not adequately covered, then mail me. First, ask yourself this question: are you

Pro Hunting
Anti Hunting
Don't Really Know
Don't Really Care

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