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More exclusive The Wall remixes from Planetary Groove will be added sometime in 1999. It seems they have been working on other projects but I have been told more remixes from The Wall are in the works. As Always if you have any Pink Floyd remixes you have made send me some Email and we will get them online here.

Before you read on read this paragraph. So far this page contains the ROIO Trance Remixes (below is an explanation of what ROIO is if you don't know) of the albums Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here and Animals. It also contains remixes from The Wall which were made exclusively for this website. Will I add anymore albums? Yes probably, I will eventually get the remix discs for Momentary Laps of Reason and The Division Bell. If anyone has any other of the remix discs let me know? I will add them to this page. Or if you have made some send me some Email and we will get them online here as well. What is this page all about? Ok here is the story. I have found out there are Pink Floyd remixes floating around. Most of these remixes are from ROIO's (Record of Illegitimate/ Indeterminate Origin). I will also be posting exculsive remixes to this page as well. So there are no copyrights to really step on. I will not post copyrighted recordings, support the band buy their CD's. I suggest buying the regular albums first anyway so you can hear the true genius of Pink Floyd before going after remixes anyway. I decited to put these online because I could not find any place that had them online already. This way people can enjoy them without shelling out loads of cash for seemingly illegitimate CD's. These remixes are in a high quality (yet non streaming sorry) setting of the Real Audio format you will need the Real Player which you can get for free by clicking here. Why Real Audio? Well as Wav files they were huge! As MP3's they were 10+ megs(as for these Real Audio files they range from 1 to Five Megs big). You maybe thinking "Sometimes Real Audio sounds very bad", but these are encoded at a high setting so don't worry they sound great. Also they are zipped up, so if you don't have winzip yet click here.
Please sign the guestbook, so I know what you guys think. Sorry these remixes are not MP3's I just didn't have the webspace. At least you get to hear them.

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