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Pradit Pinyopasakul

"Sometimes people who write the most know the least -- and the people who know the most hardly ever write. We would like to help the latter working groups of people who might have no high-technology channel to contact the wider world."

Pradit Pinyopasakul - CAPCAT Website Founder
"Striking Back" - The (Sunday) Nation - March 24, 1996.

What is The CAPCAT Project?


The CAPCAT Project is an all-volunteer, secular, non-profit, non-governmental project of both Thai and foreign citizens working together since September 1994 to find solutions to the problems of poverty, prostitution and the abuse of children in labor and prostitution.

There are five main components to The CAPCAT Project:

  • Through the generous sponsorship of KSC Commercial Internet Co., Ltd., The CAPCAT Project provides Internet and e.mail services free of charge to non-governmental organizations, non-profit groups and national and international agencies which have been working for years to solve these problems.

  • CAPCAT volunteers provide advocacy, promotional work and fundraising assistance through the Internet and the media both in Thailand and abroad on behalf of the member groups of our coalition.

  • The CAPCAT Project uses truth as a weapon to fight back against inaccurate, misleading and often harmful attitudes about Thailand, and against misinformed and outright racist attacks on Thai people and culture, much of it caused by media sensationalism and questionable groups seeking personal gain.

  • The CAPCAT Project helps facilitate volunteer and intern placements for Thai and foreign citizens with coalition member groups and other organizations and agencies in Thailand.

  • CAPCAT volunteers also speak out publically to raise awareness about such issues as "sex tourism" and child labor, lobbies Thai and foreign government officials to support meaningful change in Thailand, and campaigns to counter factors which contribute to the exploitation of others in Thailand.

The CAPCAT Project's work is made possible through the outstanding sponsorship and support of KSC Commercial Internet Co., Ltd.. Internet KSC -- as a public service to the people of Thailand -- is contributing free Internet and e.mail accounts worth tens of thousands of Baht, (see today's exchange rate), to CAPCAT Project coalition organizations and to their personnel. These services are being provided absolutely free of charge or any other obligation.

The CAPCAT Project does not solicit or accept donations for its work or volunteers. Instead, we encourage potential donors to review each of the organizations in the CAPCAT coalition and contribute to the ones whose work they most support.

Joining The CAPCAT Project is open to all organizations and agencies -- free from outside political, business or evangelical influence -- that are involved in non-profit, secular projects and programs devoted to solving these problems.

Status as a CAPCAT coalition member does not imply or suggest any other political stance or social policy than that already publicly stated by these groups. Neither The CAPCAT Project or its volunteers act as spokespeople for, or speak on behalf of, our coalition member groups. All material published or promoted by The CAPCAT Project regarding specific organizations within our coalition is material which has been provided and approved by those organizations themselves. The only set of ideas we ask all organizations to follow is voluntary agreement with the following set of "CAPCAT Project Values:"

RESPECT In any project, program or activity, respect for Thai people, Thai culture and Thai religion must be of the highest priority.
SOLUTIONS The only real solutions to problems in Thailand must be Thai solutions.
HONESTY Inaccurate statistics, misleading claims and sensationalistic media coverage make it harder to understand -- and thus solve -- these issues. Discussing and describing these problems in Thailand should focus on solving them, not on exploiting the suffering of others for media profit or political gain.
COOPERATION Work in Thailand by foreign citizens should always be seen as working with the Thai people, not on them or for them. Programs, where ever possible, should develop and implement active Thai involvement and leadership.
JUSTICE Discrimination and injustice in any form is wrong, anywhere. No programs or services will be denied those in need for reasons including (but not limited to): race, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, educational background, social status, political beliefs or any physical or mental disability.
LOVE In the absence of love, there is nothing worth fighting for. Nothing.

History of The CAPCAT Project


Pradit Pinyopasakul, Business Development Manager for KSC Commercial Internet Co., Ltd., created the first Thai Internet website dedicated to helping fight exploitation in February 1996 called "Let's Get Rid of Prostitution and Child Abuse in Thailand." In June of that year, Pradit's on-line project merged with "Fight Against Prostitution and Child Abuse in Thailand," a text-based Internet information project started in September 1994 by Sean Parlaman, then an undergraduate student at Southern Oregon State College. The combined projects were awarded a development grant in June 1996, and the Coalition Against Prostitution & Child Abuse in Thailand got its permanent Internet home on the World Wide Web.

Here are some highlights of
the four year history of CAPCAT.

Coming up in 1998:
  • Reports from our CAPCAT volunteers in Thailand.

  • New CAPCAT coalition members and international partners.

  • The fourth annual International CAPCAT coalition Conference this fall to be held in Bangkok.

  • Campaigns against U.S. taxpayer-financed military "sex tours" to southeast Asia and the support by American credit card companies of the commercial "sex industry" abroad.

  • Expanded volunteer and intership placements with The CAPCAT Project and our coalition member organizations




Pradit Pinyopasakul created the first Thai Internet website dedicated to helping fight exploitation in February 1996 called "Let's Get Rid of Prostitution and Child Abuse in Thailand," and was a participant in April 1996 in the Asia-Pacific Regional Prepatory Consultation for The World Congress Against Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children hosted at the United Nations Conference Center in Bangkok by End Child Prostitution/Pornography and Trafficking.

He is a Bangkok native and a two-time graduate from Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok with a Bachelor's of Computer Engineering (1992) and a Master's Degree in Computer Engineering (1994), the first "Chula" student to earn a graduate degree in that field.

He is employed in Bangkok as a business development manager at KSC Commercial Internet Co., Ltd., traveling extensively around the country as part of his work, and is a contributing writer to a number of magazines and journals about the Internet and computer technology.

He may be contacted by e.mail at praditp@ksc.net.th.


Sean Parlaman has been an active and vocal activist and volunteer against child abuse in the U.S. since 1977. A native of Los Angeles, California, he has lived in Ashland, Oregon for eight years. He earned a double B.A. in Communications and Health & Physical Education in 1994 from Southern Oregon State College and finished a graduate program there in English and Education in 1996. He has done post-graduate work in Southeast Asian Studies at the University of Oregon.

During the summer of 1994, he completed the "Introduction to Thai Studies" program at Chulalongkorn University for his B.A. graduation project. At that time he became involved in the fight against poverty and prostitution in Thailand after seeing these problems first-hand, and made working on these problems the centerpiece of his university graduate and post-graduate work. He has made 10 trips to Thailand (totaling a 16 months incountry) in the past four years. Most of his work in Thailand focuses on the northeastern region of the country (known as "E-san") where he lives in a simple house in a poor village located between Udon Thani and Nong Khai.

In Oregon, he owns a communications company which provides services for non-profit organizations, and funds his volunteer work in Thailand by doing part-time landscaping and construction work in his free time.

He may be contacted by e.mail at seanpar@ksc.net.th.



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