I don't know what to say or how to say it, but it has to be said. Sometimes things happen that you just can't explain, no matter how hard you try. This is one of those times. The Spot project has to stop for now. It is a VERY long story. And I'm sure it will all be told one day. But not now. Now is goodbye.

There...I said it.

I don't feel any better. However, we all wanted to take a moment and say goodbye... I am very thankful for the Spot and all that it represents. Through it, I have met a lot of wonderful people that have affected me in ways that I can't possibly express. Very positive, life altering ways. We have all been through so much together over the past two years and I want you to know that I will never forget you.

Please take care of yourselves and remember to keep a sense of humor with you at all times.

I've learned it comes in very handy in this thing called life.


Carrie Seaver :)

I've never been good at goodbye's, so I won't say it. I've always preferred "see you soon." I hope that I do. I want to thank all of you for your support and kind words that you have shared with me since the first day I walked through these doors. I believe that things happen for a reason, so I can only wish the best for all of us and hope that we meet again, in some way, down the road.

See you soon,

Jordan Parvenue

What can I say? I'll miss all of the Spot fans adoration, and understanding of my complex, yet misunderstood self. But most of all I think I'll miss the people, everyday people on the internet, who cared enough to tune in to my bikini almost every day. Thank you for everything Spot fans, until we meet again...


Michelle Foster

Hey man, I guess this is later. Well, stay tuned for my movie, I'm sure it'll be a festival mover and shaker. And I know what all you Spot dudes, and chicks, are thinkin: Ol' Lon boy, he's gonna forget all us once he goes large. No, not me, never folks. I'll always be the 'King of Humble,' and I'll never forget my Spot roots. Thanks for the ride Spot folk. I'll be seein ya in the stars.

LON aka Alonzo, the mischief man. Heh.

Dark days. Unexpected endings. Change. Confessions of a good boy gone bad. I guess you'll never hear them. Or maybe they weren't to be told. Maybe. I was surprised, and yet not. I guess it's fate telling us all we were meant to move on. But, I'm melancholy. I'm distracted. I'm still attached. And I will miss all of my Spot mates. Spot fans. Everyone. Somehow, I don't feel like I've had my 15 yet. Not quite yet. Here's to a rendezvous. I don't know much, but never say never. So until then...

Hunter McKinnon

Thank you everyone for letting me share my life here on the Spot. It's been a very long, very hard year and I appreciate that you were there to see me through. I know that if Shepard was here, he'd want to say good-bye and thanks as well. I will always remember this place with fond memories. It's hard to believe that this wonderful internet project has come to a close... but I guess, maybe, as long as people remember it, it will never really be over. One last tid-bit from the life of Eric Bauer: I left my law practice last week to pursue a life-long passion: writing a novel. Wish me luck! Hey, like my newest icon? (smile)

Eric Bauer

God. What is with everyone around here today? They all might as well be draped in black and standing around a casket. Me? I'm wearing bright red today. Lookin' good. Shakin' my groove thing. Uh-huh. Maybe this means everyone's gonna move out and the house'll all be mine! Aw, who am I kidding? You all hate me, and I hate all of you and I'm gonna miss that. Sniffles.

Leslie Benton


It was nice to have met you all and I hope that I get to see you again soon. Jeepers and I send you Hogs and Quiches.



I tried. But even I was no match for the ignorance of the powers that be. Yes, they have blown this place to "Smithereens." So unfortunate. Diana

It's been a year of passing. How sad that this great project has become a casualty of war. It was here that my relationship with my son truly began. It was here that I learned so much. It was here that I came to love my son and accept that he was gay. I'm writing this now from my husband's ranch in Colorado. Shepard's father. I'm taking care of him since his heart attack after Shepard's death. It hasn't been easy. But we are talking again. Working things out. And I'm going to ask him to remarry me soon. Someone needs to look after his empire - and with Shepard gone, and his weakened condition, you can really only count on - and trust -- family. Thank you, Spot. Thank you, fans. Thank you, Shepard.

Joan Buchanan

I started out by despising y'all. Now I find myself oddly emotional as this Spot thing burns out. It was fun while it lasted, sugarz. After all, ya got to meet me, right? Yep. Ya got to meet ol' Lee. And for that you can truly gives thanks to the Spot. I'm at Revolver on Friday nights if anyone wants to meet me. Preferably the tall, dark and handsome type. All I need is a bathroom and a hunky man - and I can convert ANYONE. Know what I mean? A huntin' I will go...



I thought I would be able to tell you the good news today, that I'm home where I belong. All charges from Christine have been dropped. Instead, I come home to find that things on the Spot front are not well. Not well at all. What a drag. I wouldn't mind a long drag on a cigarette right now... I have had plenty of time to think about things in the past couple of months. I realized that for every bad thing associated with the Spot project, there are two good things. And good people. We are all part of Tara's adopted family, past and present. And if there's one thing I know, I know that the Spot house will always be here and the Spot project will be a rock solid icon in the history of the Net forever.

Jeff Benton

I am too numb to say anything remotely sentimental. Well, it's been a nice year and three quarters. I wanted to make a list of everyone I interacted with over the months, but if I forget one person, it's not worth it. Thank you to EVERYONE who supported the Spot project as long as you did. And thank you, Tara, for allowing me to be part of it.

Until we all meet again in another lifetime...


Spotnik: Woof? Woof! Jeff's home! Jeff's home! Arf? Don't worry about The Spot Online. I contacted Bobby Dooley Jr. and he said he's going to check it out and see what he could do about it.

Keep your claws crossed.


Fudge, I just go away for a haircut and come back to this? Who's responsible for this? I'll have to pull out the big guns, Britch and Britcher, for their asses. Tear 'em up like Holyfield's right ear in a chef salad with creamy ranch dressing. What? No more on-line marathon Michelle bashing? Hey, what about one more Ri/Sumerbreez slam for old times sake...Ri, you, uh, uh, I can't think of a damn thing! (sob) What am I supposed to do with my life now? Come on, Sylvia. Let's go.

Britt Allen

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