Russian ultranationalist Vladimir Zhirinovsky sent the following letters after the victory by Republican presidential candidate Patrick Buchanan in the New Hampshire primary. The first letter congratulates Buchanan, and the second responds to Buchanan's rejection of Zhirinovsky's suggestions.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky received 7% of the vote in the first round of Russia's own presidential election on June 16, 1996.

FEBRUARY 22, 1996


  I congratulate you on your victory. From the cosmopolitan United States of America we have finally heard the voice of a patriotic leader. Your slogans are close to our hearts, especially the words "America for Americans." Your goals are noble.

  Mr. Buchanan! Both of us are free-spirited and independent politicians. I congratulate you as a brother in arms in the struggle for national liberation.

  Today in our press both the democrats and the communists are whining about politicians like us, which again confirms that democrats and communists in all countries are enemies of the people. Because of this, the slogan "Patriots of all countries, unite!" is more relevant than ever.

  You call Congress "Israeli-occupied territory." We have the same situation here in Russia. The USA and Russia are not free countries. They are two great powers, but they are occupied. Therefore, in order to survive, we should set aside territory in both the US and Russia for the settlement of this bothersome tribe.

  I sincerely wish you victory in the upcoming presidential elections and I hope you can realize your slogans, and especially your policy of protectionism. If both of us come to power, I promise you that we will be able to resolve all our troublesome problems for the good of both nations. In the shortest possible time we will end fighting in the Balkans and untangle the problems in the Middle East. We will establish a strong peace throughout the whole world, and we won't let anyone violate it.

FEBRUARY 26, 1996


  I have just been given a news release from Reuters which contains your answers to my congratulatory letter on the occasion of your victory in New Hampshire.

  I share your attitude toward the Jews. I too am against deporting the Jews somewhere. I am in favor of giving the Jews a very sweet life in the US, in Russia, as well as in Germany, France, Italy, the Ivory Coast, Tonga, and in general anywhere there are Jews. I want them to be able to eat black caviar until they burst, to swim in champagne, and to be able to satisfy absolutely all their needs and desires.

  Just like you, I am ecstatic when I see a Jew on television. I want Jews to be on every single TV program in every single country, I want them to control all the newspapers, all the magazines, all the publishing houses. I want all bankers and corporate executives to be Jewish. I also want them to be dominant in all governments and parliaments all over the world and to hold important and critical positions as secretaries of state, commerce, and finance. And if some Jew wants to be president or prime minister, for God's sake we ought to give it to him and only him.

  Pat! Why don't you just go to hell! Here I thought you were defending the interests of your country, but it turns out that you're just like Clinton and the other politicians who sell out. You're moved by greed and vanity, not patriotism.

  You say: "I will defend the interests of every American citizen," but you are lying. You don't give a damn about the interests of every American citizen or about America itself. Pat, you are shit. You shit in your pants the moment you got my letter. Who are you afraid of? Zionists? Some patriot you are.

The Russian text of these letters appeared in the Boston Courier, No. 59, and were translated by David Danaher.

End of Letter

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