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IBM PC Catbox


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Mere Whimsey - the creative mind of bethomas.

Spriggn's Books of Magic.

The Smartest Guy I know.

Heike's Exotic Birds.

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Computer WAREhouse - The Store!

A Real, Working Apple Lisa.

MacFixIt - A great Macintosh resource.

Macintosh Resources - Huge list of links

MacFAQ - Frequently Asked Questions.

Ambrosia Cafe - Great shareware!

Interracial Issues


Interrace Haven

Interracial Voice

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Suck - The only 'zine you need.

AJR Newslink - Newspapers online.


Most of this website is here - Aquaria by Jim. It documents Jim's hobby converting old computers and monitors into aquariums.

One of our cats, Sylvester has been around forever. Sly is the proud owner of the one-and-only IBM PC Litterbox. Our other cat, Tanzy is new to our home.


As dedicated packrats, we've got several small collections, including some American Fostoria depression glass and several hundred old marbles.


Jim's Cars - Nothing special, just a quick list with pictures (when available) of cars that I've owned and loved or hated.


I use Macintosh at home but earn my living as a contractor programming IBM AS/400 computers. I'm trying to establish an AS/400 Site List. Please help grow this list by sending the name and location of known AS/400 sites.


Hey! Jim won some Awards (for the Aquarium pages).

If you want to talk about fish keeping, aquarium building, Mac OS computers, the internet, disc golf, antique marbles, American Fostoria glass, interracial relationships, or just about anything else, you can e-mail Jim at jlower@home.com or Kiva at kry@home.com or sign our guestbook.
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