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"A universal, Internet-based, bibliographic and citation database would link every scholarly work ever written - no matter how published - to every work that it cites and every work that cites it. Such a database could revolutionize many aspects of scholarly communication: literature research, keeping current with new literature, evaluation of scholarly work, choice of publication venue, among others." [Robert Cameron]

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Warning - Service is under construction and not yet functional. We expect to open this service end of 1998. All information here should be regarded as preliminary and most links will be broken!


What is the WebCite-Network?

With WebCite you may cite any scientific webarticle with a stable URL, view indicators for the scientific impact of webarticles and - as a reader - act as a peer-reviewer yourself


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Are you citing other webarticles in your webarticle? Select this option if you have published a scientific webarticle which contains hyperlinks as references citing other webarticles.


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View WebCitation analysis

Are you cited by someone? If you have published an article on the WWW, this option tells you the cybermetrics of your article: How often and by whom is your article cited by someone else, how often accessed?

Comment on a webarticle

Leave a comment on a cited or any other scientific webarticle


"Freeze" a webarticle

Are you writing a printed paper citing a webarticle? Select this option to freeze the contents of the cited article to provide a "stable" reference to your readers



An innovative internet search tool for searching websites of related contents - based on cluster analysis their shared references


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