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Testing ICQ99a
ICQ is currently testing the next version of its software, ICQ99a. When it is ready for public release we will announce it on the Web site. Until then we urge you to use the current ICQ98a version. Please download ICQ98a from an approved download site only (Download.com, Tucows, ZDNet and Jumbo). Software obtained from any other source may have been altered and could cause harm to your system.

Charging Policy
Concerning our Time Limited Free Beta software policy - No change is currently being considered in this policy, which has prevailed ever since we introduced our product. In any case, in the future, if we do consider any changes in this policy, an advance notice of at least 30 days will be given.

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The ICQ Panel Generator. Create your ICQ Panel with a click of a button, and install on your site.
The ICQ Status Indicator. Indicate your online/offline status to your site visitors. Install an ICQ Status Indicator.
The ICQ Personal Homepage Panel. Enable your site visitors to view your self-hosted ICQ Page.
More Sounds Added to the ICQ Sound Schemes, Check it out!
ICQ Phone Search. Find an ICQ User's phone number!
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New Games Added On The ICQ Game Request. View the new lists, join a game in action.
ICQ Suites The complete list.
Get Quicker Online Response To Your E-mails.
ICQ E-mail Integration. Works with all popular clients.
Check out the newly added ICQ Networks.
Find ICQ friends next door on the ICQ Local Network.
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ICQ Personal Homepage Panel. Enable your site visitors to view your own ICQ Homepage.
ICQ PalmPilot Beta Version. Get online and offline messages while away from your computer!
ICQ Groupware - A new standard in internal communications. Download the Beta Version!
ICQ For Windows CE 2.0 - Preview version is now available.
Updated version of ICQ For NetMeeting.
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ICQ Site Guide - Find what you are looking for on our Web site.
ICQ Enhanced Web-to-Client communication - Contact other ICQ users directly from the Web.

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