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We're the world's largest online source of biological and chemical reagents, featuring over 150,000 products from the suppliers you already know and trust. enables you to search, locate, and instantly order everything you need for your research - 24 hours a day, seven days a week! Try for guests or register now to buy online!

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The world's largest source of biological and chemical reagents from the suppliers you trust. - for Individual Researchers is the buying solution researchers have been waiting for - a fully transactional electronic commerce site for round-the-clock purchasing of biological and chemical reagents.

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Chemdex provides purchasing solutions for pharmaceutical and biotechnology corporations, and for academic or government institutions. These solutions integrate the full functionality of into your existing purchasing processes. Find out more about how these products can go to work for your team today!

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For the life science supplier, Chemdex provides a complete, fully transactional electronic commerce solution with no startup costs, no technology headaches, and the ability to reach any scientist with Internet access. Join over 150 leading life science suppliers who are already using Chemdex to sell their products online today!

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Chemdex Corporation leverages advanced electronic commerce technology to revolutionize procurement of life science reagents. Chemdex is backed by biotechnology industry leaders and has assembled a team of scientists and Internet pioneers dedicated to streamlining the entire research supply chain.

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