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7 February 99
Would you like to have an email address for your very own? Check our our new Email Service and grab your address before it's gone.

6 February 99

Shakespearean James
JT will perform with Sting and others at "Shi-Wa", a Shakespearean-themed benefit for the Tibetan Peace Garden Appeal which will be held at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London on Saturday, March 20. Also, JT is confirmed for the annual Rainforest Benefit at Carnegie Hall on April 17. See the TOUR page for ticket info for both shows. Thanks to Markus Vlasveld and Stingchronicity.

4 February 99

JT In Print
JT has made the news in tangential ways quite a lot lately. First there was the dental connection (see below), then he was mentioned as a planned attendee to the Boston Celtics' first home game on Friday. And finally, on a sadder note, JT's friend and former roadie Kevin Kitchens died of a heart attack on Wednesday. Thanks to Charissa Garner and others.

Tour Update
Look for more dates and details about upcoming shows on our TOUR page. More U.S. symphonic dates and possibly some extra European dates are yet to come.

2 February 99

Wild Dental Party
Scroll down to the "Crowd Not Mental" headline at this Boston Globe story for word of a strange JT appearance. Thanks to Charissa Garner.

1 February 99

"CBS This Morning" Transcript
See the TEXT page for a complete transcript of the January 24 "CBS This Morning" interview. Thanks to Charissa Garner.

"World's Greatest Love Songs"
A special called "World's Greatest Love Songs" will include some sort of JT performance, though it's probably footage aired before elsewhere. It airs on the PAX TV network February 13 from 9 to 11 p.m. Eastern. Thanks to Laura Van Ryzin.

"Beacon Theatre" Repeats
Some PBS affiliates will repeat "James Taylor Live At the Beacon Theatre" March 17 at 11 p.m. Eastern. Be sure to check your local listings first.

29 January 99

JTO T-Shirts
Our JTO T-Shirt Store has been re-designed and expanded with new designs. You can show your JT fandom, help our site and be the envy of your JT-loving peers all at the same time.

22 January 99

Music, Movies, And Love

  • Our SHOP page offers secure online ordering of music, books, and videos by JT and other artists with shipping anywhere in the world. A percentage of sales goes to our site.
  • Find love via the James Taylor Online Personals, where you can place a free ad and search a huge database for other JT fans or just someone in your area.

9 January 99

JTO Start Page
Announcing the JTO Start Page, a new area here at JTO that you can set as your browser's start page to load automatically when you log on. Just follow the simple instructions to get every day started in correct JT fashion.

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