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New!  Check out the Flat Panel Solution Everyone's Raving About!

1600SW Flat Panel

Revolution IV card

Digital Flat Panel Solution Pack: Silicon Graphics 1600SW SuperWide Digital Flat Panel Monitor with Number Nine Revolution IV-FP 32MB Graphics Accelerator

The ultimate visual display bundle -- unparalleled image quality at 1600 x 1024 true color resolutions! Winner of PC Computing's MVP and breakthrough special achievement awards.

Only $2795 MSRP ($2895 Mac) -- best value on the market today!

Headlines on Wall Street: Financial Traders & Banks, click HERE

1998 MVP winner

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Revolution® IV: 16 or 32MB Graphics Powerhouse 4th Generation fully integrated 3D/2D/MPEG accelerator -- Now Shipping

Satisfaction for the most demanding graphics professional, business user and/or games enthusiast

$169 MSRP for 16MB, $219 MSRP for 32MB!!

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