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 Track Pack 98 Grand Prix 2 22 October 1998
 Perfect Flight Deluxe - Ireland Microsoft Flight Simulator 18 August 1998
 Subversion Incoming 10 August 1998
 Hong Kong '99 Microsoft Flight Simulator 3 August 1998
 Shogo Add-on Shogo: Mobile Armour Division July 1998
 Abyss of Pandemonium Quake March 1998
 Global Sorties Microsoft Flight Simulator April 1998
 Perfect Flight Great Britain Microsoft Flight Simulator February 1998
 Perfect Grand Prix Track Pack Grand Prix 2 November 1997

Extension pack for Shogo: Mobile Armour Division


Instant Access and Monolith Productions team up to produce an extension pack for Shogo: Mobile Armour Division

London, UK - 21 July 1998. Monolith Production's "Shogo", currently scheduled to ship in October and tipped to be one of the hottest games of the year, will be closely followed by an extension pack currently being developed by Instant Access. Greg Rice, Managing Director of Instant Access said, "We are extremely pleased to be working with Monolith. Shogo is going to be one of the most spectacular games of the year, it will develop a following amongst game fans who will crave more once they have conquered the original, and this extension pack will keep that momentum alive".

Shogo uses Monolith's LithTech - one of the most advanced next-generation 3D engines in gaming. LithTech supports: hierarchical key-framed, rigid envelopes and shape deformation, and motion captured animation, coloured lighting effects, dynamic lighting, light mapping, and translucency and transparency for water and glass effects, large scale particle systems, custom textures for models, real-time shadows, and up to 32-player multiplayer games.

The extension pack being developed by Instant Access will feature:

  • Adds two completely new MCAs (mobile combat armor)
  • Around 20 completely new MCA and on-foot missions to tax even the hardiest game player
  • Totally new weapons for both MCA and on-foot modes.
  • New enemies and allied AIs.
  • A logical progression of the Shogo storyline will introduce new characters and continue the Anime-themed cinematic feel integral to the original game.

The extension pack will give players hundreds of hours of additional gameplay. Jason Hall, C.E.O of Monolith Productions said "This is a great deal for everyone, the customer gets extended life for Shogo, We can focus on future development with the knowledge that there will be a follow up product which will extend the life and interest in Shogo, and with advance information and proprietary tools, Instant Access will create a great follow up product that will be out within 3 months of the original".

The Shogo extension pack is scheduled to ship in December 1998 and will be co-published by Monolith Productions and Instant Access International. Distribution for North America, Japan and Russia will be managed by Monolith. Distribution for all other territories will be managed by Instant Access.

Headquartered in Kirkland, WA, Monolith Productions is a developer and publisher of computer games. Current titles include Blood, the popular first-person shooter published May 1997 by GT Interactive, and Claw, a 1998 Codie Award nominee published by WizardWorks. In addition to Rage of Mages, additional new titles to be released this fall include the following internally developed games:, Get Medieval, Gruntz, and Blood 2: The Chosen. Monolith Productions is located on the World Wide Web at

Founded in 1992 and based in London, UK, Instant Access International Ltd. has grown from its software development roots to one of the foremost developers and publishers of Game Extension products. Current titles include Global Sorties, the acclaimed mission pack for Microsoft Flight Simulator, and Perfect Grand Prix Track Pack for Grand Prix II, one of the most successful extension products ever published. Instant Access International is located on the World Wide Web at

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