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UDSUDS The Unofficial Hypertext Unofficial DOOM(tm) Specs

"The poets talk about love, ...but what I talk about is DOOM,
because in the end, DOOM is all that counts."
- Alex Machine/George Stark/Stephen King, The Dark Half

Welcome to the full hypertext edition of the Unofficial DOOM Specs, based on the original UDS (v1.666 - December 15th, 1994) by Matthew S. Fell. Where possible, the original specs have been amended to include later discoveries and also revised to cover the modifications applied to id Software, Inc's original game engine and WAD structure by Raven Software, Inc in the creation of Heretic.

The pages also incorporate the Official Hexen Technical Specs by Ben Morris

These pages are presented as part of The WADster's Guide World Wide Web pages. I am grateful to Matt Fell and Ben Morris for permission to use their originals in this way.

So, where now?
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